I didn’t expect Qiao Zhiwei to respond,Lei Tianzi said flatly:“Need money or something,I’m ready,These things don’t have to be from Qiao’s。”After speaking,Take out a virtual space,There are five trillion fairy crystals in it,Thought for a while,Emperor Lei gave Li Na another fifty Xianxia Dan。

Qiao Zhiwei just kept a woman quiet,She always feels Lei Tianzi’s words are not true,Qiao’s hatred is not so simple,It’s useless to subdue a Tong Fang,Tong’s family should be destroyed,I just avenged the Qiao family,This Lei Tianzi must be prevaricating them。
From the teleportation array, send the Qiao family’s cultivator back to the Grid Continent,Emperor Lei sent ten powerful kings from Jiansu Gate to escort,Prevent the Tong family from retaliating against them。
Qiao Zhiwei is stingy,There are rules for handling affairs,After paying a sum of money to the Fairy League,,Obtained the qualification to go to the Nether,But it’s not a plowing star,It’s a flag-holding star that even Lei Tianzi doesn’t know,After learning the news,Emperor Lei also recognized,Said:“My Thunder Team is not from the Lower Realm,Which planet is the same。”
The Qiao family gave the qualification token issued by the Immortal League to the strong king of Jiansu Gate,Sent to Lei Tianzi,Emperor Lei gave it to his righteous daughter Sun Kangxi,Said:“Go bring godmother and them,Try to describe the environment here in more detail,Don’t talk too much about Qian Qianqin and Wang Qinglin.。”
Sun Kangxi said playfully:“Foster father,Godmother will definitely ask,I won’t lie,Even dare not lie to godmother,What do you want me to do?”
“If you don’t know it, it’s over.,You haven’t been with me long,You don’t know where I am,Don’t you know how to say this??”Lei Tianzi is a little angry。
“I just can’t speak,what’s wrong?”Sun Kang said with joy,Every child of Emperor Lei is not afraid of this kind father。
Lei Tianzi can’t help it,Secretly give Sun Kangxi an empty space,There are a hundred Xianxia Dan in it,Sun Kangxi is relieved now,Said:“Take it as an example!I can only bear some responsibilities for my father,Who told me to be your daughter,It’s really tiring to solve problems for my father!”
“You kid,With whom?”Lei Tianzi is not full of taste,This goddaughter dared to do something better than her own daughter,Lei Tianzi’s children never dared to blackmail their father。
“I’m not bad!Then my father must have broken his studies。”
“I’ll hit you。”Lei Tianzi raised his hand,Sun Kangxi smiled and ran away。
Sun Kangxi drove a warship provided by the Fairy League organization to leave,All immortal cultivators in the lower realms receive such a battleship after paying money,Sun Kangxi left from the Qiao family settlement in Grid Continent,Twenty years later, he returned to Qiao’s house from the lower realms,During this time,Qiao’s family will be protected by the Fairy League,Externally, it is to protect the immortals recruited from the lower realms to land safely,Actually protect Qiao’s family,This is also custom,Wait for the nether world to recruit immortal practitioners to end,This protection will also be lifted。
Those big forces disdain to go to the lower realms to recruit disciples,On the one hand, because the cultivation level of the lower realm is low,On the other hand, I don’t want to pay the Xianmeng organization,Some immortal league organizations that exist in name only use this opportunity to make money,This is something everyone knows。
After Sun Kangxi left,Emperor Lei fell silent too,Not even going out the gate of Jiansu Gate,Always retreat and refine alchemy,Teaching new students to practice,The fame he broke through at Jiansu Gate was finally envied by the senior sisters who received the two powerful kings.。
Although the world of cultivating immortals is always full of surprises,But female fairies usually associate with men of high level,This is called“Birds flying high”,Like Lei Tianzi,Sisters who climbed from a low level to a high level,Rarely appeared in the world of cultivation,therefore,The immortal cultivator at Jiansu Gate secretly circulated that there must be Lei Tianzi“Unique job”The statement,Said too much,It gradually spread to the ears of Han Dou and Qian Qianqin,They hurriedly asked for details,Learned the so-called“Unique job”After that kind of thing,I knew I was cheated by the boring cultivator,Scold those man-made rumors for trouble,In fact, what they are seeking with Lei Tianzi is security and love,Even the number of female fairies around Lei Tianzi,But they have a lot of feelings,Time is tight,There are always a few days in a month to share with everyone。

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