but,Although the villagers opposed,But they still see me off together,Widow Zhang secretly chanted a song to me《Nian Nujiao》,It seems that I have not taught her for nothing these days。

Every family in the village gave me twenty taels of silver,So warm。
【Twenty-seven years of the Tianwu calendar,July 16】
I was robbed by bandits!
Too many of them,I tried my best,Never beat them,I was lifted up the mountain by the big five flowers。
The boss here wants me to be their master,There will be enough good wine and meat in the future,I pretend to agree,Then a loophole was found in the lady of pressure,Escape successfully。
but,I have no money,What to do?
【Twenty-seven years of the Tianwu calendar,July 21】
I returned to Taoshan Village,This time the village only got less than fifteen taels of silver,and,They actually tried to stop me from going out?
They don’t understand what i want to do!
I said I want to win Sanyuan,They laughed at me?

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