“You as a great emperor,Always thinking about picking up cheap is not in line with your status。”

“No one is born a god。”
“It seems that many are born as gods?”Feng Xianliang said very suspiciously。
Lei Tianzi suddenly lost his words,Hum,I can’t tell you to take Feng Xianliang and fly,Go straight to the literary arena。
“You took a shower?”Feng Xianliang smelled a clear stream。
“Ok,Spring water,I will take you to wash up when I have time。”The beautiful scenery in the hot spring pool has emerged in Lei Tianzi’s mind,Recalling Feng Xianliang’s beautiful body,A hot flush in the lower abdomen。
Forcibly suppress the evil thoughts in my heart,Lei Tianzi came to Wendouchang,Xuanyuan Dandan glanced at him,Said:“Is martial arts good??”
“Boring,I think Wendou is creative,You guys talk,What wonderful skills have you seen?”Lei Tianzi is smiling,Said shamelessly。
Xuanyuan Dandan didn’t quite believe what he said,Still condense some of the pictures I have seen for Lei Tianzi to see,Thunder God Sweep,Seeing that most of the so-called Wendou are confrontation,I didn’t see the magic spell,Can’t help but think for a moment,Said to Qinghe Miaomiao:“Send someone to inquire,Are there any immortal cultivators who understand the spells of the witch clan come here to fight,Found the cultivator of the Witch Clan,I have a reward。”
Qinghe Miaomiao doesn’t understand why Lei Tianzi must find someone who understands the magic spell,She quickly ordered Lei Tianzi’s request,Anyway, Emperor Lei is willing to pay the price,Qinghe Miaomiao is just a favor,Why not do it?
Lei Tianzi focused on watching the situation inside Wendouchang,This time it’s a cultivator of two genders, one male and one female,I saw the female fairy cast a spell,The man was stunned,Then it seemed to see some incredible picture,Started dancing,Have words in your mouth,Talking words that others don’t understand。
Lei Tianzi tried his best to listen,What I heard intermittently“Sea dry”、“Forever”、“Forever”Words,Can’t help thinking:“This female fairy may be a powerful illusion,Only those who are left behind or who are very persistent are likely to be recruited,Once you meet a cultivator with strong willpower,,I’m afraid I will suffer from it。”
at this time,The man yelled terribly,Then he offered a knife and slashed at himself,at this time,His opponent, Fairy, uses a sword to hold the knife,Then dismissed the spell。
After the man wakes up,Don’t know what happened,The referee from Wendouchang flew over and showed the picture to the man。
The male cultivator knew that he almost died just now,The contest must be lost,I had to bow to thank the fairy for not killing,Then jump off the platform,Flew away without looking back。
Follow the traditional rules here,If the winner wants to sell the spell,Price must be high,There is no shortage of rich people,Lei Tianzi is also very interested,To Yuan Li:“Go ask this female fairy,She is willing to sell her spells?”
After Yuan Li asked,To Lei Tianzi:“She said it was a trivial illusion,Only for loved ones。”

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