Even if I saved Mu Yuzhu,Lei Tianzi can’t cut his heart completely,He doesn’t know how Mu Yuzhu has suffered over the years,Has the heart changed,Even before,The friendship between Lei Tianzi and Mu Yuzhu is not too deep,Most of them are normal interactions between customers and shopkeepers。

Mu Yuzhu’s experience is relatively inferior,She has always been studying business in Yixinglou,After coming from a low-level continent to a high-level space,The level of goods and customers faced has increased countless times,Mu Yuzhu became very busy,Sacrificing the time of practice to master the skills of doing business,Shuttle across continents and spaces,She uses a relatively safe teleportation array,No experience of traveling in the stars,A lot less exciting,Wins in stability,There are peers around you to exchange experiences。
Until I met the dude of the Qu family,Only after being framed did I understand the dark side of society,Mu Gao has always been loyal to Mu Yuzhu,Running around to rescue the owner even when other people are far away from Mu Yuzhu,The ghost knife is actually the most hopeless token,The screen height has no hope of success,Unexpected is,It was this very low-grade Ghost Head Knife that brought the reversal of fate。
After Makugo took the Ghost Sword and sold it at the auction,In addition to the commission for Yaozu,There are more than nine billion fairy crystals,He gave the money to Mu Yuzhu,later,Mu Yuzhu didn’t return it to Emperor Lei。
The amount of money is actually not large,But it created a barrier between Lei Tianzi and Mu Yuzhu’s friendship,From Mu Yuzhu’s point of view,In fact, the favor that Lei Tianzi owed her has been repaid through the purchase of the ghost knife and rescue.,In Lei Tianzi’s view,Guitou Dao is a token of love for Mu Yuzhu,Is priceless,Rescue screen Yuzhu is also part of cultivating feelings,It’s the accumulation and increase of friendship,Their relationship should develop further。
People think differently,After many years,Plus the troubles,Mu Yuzhu’s personality has changed a lot,She was a relatively innocent female fairy before entering prison,After entering the dark place like prison,See too much human evil,I also saw the shamelessness of human beings,The hope and beauty in my heart are gone,She held too much hatred in her heart for too long,Even if I use everything in this world, I can’t clean it。
afterwards,With ten kilograms of green sweets given by Lei Tianzi and a set of middle-grade fairy artifact equipment disappeared,later,In Sima Continent, there is a female demon with a very high cultivation level.,Come without a trace,Kill almost everybody,No one sees her true face,Legend is Muyuzhu。
Regarding Lei Tianzi’s achievements and social status today,Mu Yuzhu did not envy,She thinks that everyone has his own life,Different destiny,The road ahead and the state of life are different,She doesn’t want to live under the shadow of Emperor Lei,Her life and future have been completely ruined by the dude of the Qu family,Although that man is dead,Other people in this world are still alive,Everything I owe her,Mu Yuzhu wants to get it back in another way。
That’s killing。
After more than half a year of auction,Mu Yuzhu drifted away alone,I didn’t even take away the loyal Mu Gao,later,Mu Gao lives under the arrangement of Lei Tianzi,Living in the fairy space,His cultivation is not high,I have reached the end of my life when I met Lei Tianzi,The Emperor Lei gave him some life-prolonging pills,But still can’t go against the sky,Two hundred years later,The curtain ends without a disease,Before he died, he asked Lei Tianzi to find Mu Yuzhu,Married her。
But at that time, the Emperor Lei had already left the upper realm,Entered another space,He once sent a lot of people to search for Mu Yuzhu,But there has been no news,The upper bound is so big,If Mu Yuzhu deliberately avoids others,,It’s useless to find tens of thousands of years,And Lei Tianzi didn’t try his best to find the jade beads,He thinks Mu Yuzhu’s life is his own choice,He has always respected her,Even if I never see you again forever。
At a later auction,Emperor Lei never made a shot,I commissioned Feng Hong to auction a lot of spirit fruits,Those spirit fruits are all kings、Holy area、Taken by the strong in the sanctuary,Each one is very valuable。
When Mu Yuzhu left,Lei Tianzi, Xuanyuan Dandan and the others came to Qinghe Continent with the two fairies of the Eastern family transferring to the teleportation formation,Xuanyuan Dandan said:“Qinghe Continent is the most peaceful piece of land in the upper realm,This is the settlement of the Qinghe family,Qinghe family opposes killing,So there has been no war here for hundreds of thousands of years,Almost regarded as a holy place,The young generation exchange meeting is held here,Only once in a thousand years,Caught up by you。”
“I am not a young man。”Lei Tianzi smiled。
“You are just over a thousand years old,Is it a youth?。”Xuanyuan Dandan also knows,The cultivating world generally refers to the youth under one thousand years of age,People over a thousand years old are basically middle-aged,Lei Tianzi is a relatively young middle-aged person。
Lei Tianzi smiled,Don’t care,He has a life span of at least 20,000 years,Compared with a thousand years old,Also very young,Just look at his face,Always around 17 or 18,Can’t see any traces of wind and frost,With the greater power,Lei Tianzi’s face gradually became light and light,Every move is calm。

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