The two of us are speechless,And wait for the elevator together。

Never felt,Waiting time for elevator,It turned out to be that long。
After going downstairs,Cui Jing said to me with a pale face,“I’ll send you。”
I can tell,She hasn’t recovered from the tension,Relax。
“No need to,I can take a taxi by myself。”I pretend to say calmly。
“I’ll give it to you。”Cui Jing said again,“I am very nervous,If i am alone,Will be more nervous。”
I said with a wry smile,“me too。”
Got in the car,Cui Jing’s car is very slow,It’s like a snail crawling again。
When we arrive at the hotel,It’s almost noon。
thought,After she took me to the hotel,Will leave。
did not expect,She followed me to the hotel。
In the room,Cui Jing’s hands kept shaking。
I took a breath,Then cheer her up,“Since you want a divorce,Since you want to get your things back,You be brave。”
“some things,Now that I did,Don’t regret。”
“Some way,Now that I have chosen,Kneeling and walking。”
Listened to me,Cui Jing raised her head。

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