A few days later,But no immortal cultivator from the ice lion clan came to the door,Some strong people from the ice lion clan came to buy the spiritual tree,They also want to dress up their home courtyard,The treasure of the human race makes the monster race greedy。

Lei Tianzi held on to the spiritual tree,It is said that this is the best spiritual tree of human race,Plant in the courtyard to speed up the pace of cultivation,There are countless benefits for the cultivator,Never take away。
The visitor was very upset,Go away,Three days later,More than a hundred people came to Lei Tianzi’s residence,Are all messengers sent by the various families of the monster race,Some offer young and beautiful female fairies,Some took out their own treasures and offered them to the Emperor Lei,After Lei Tianzi’s inspection,The so-called treasures of the clan are just middle-grade artifacts,It’s not a peerless treasure at all,Seeing the demonic cultivators gradually turning ugly,Lei Tianzi sighed deeply,Said:“For your sincerity,I sell。”
A spiritual grass billion crystals,A spiritual tree with ten billion crystals,A day,Lei Tianzi sold more than 10 million spiritual trees,Really count the money and get cramps,Zhang Baoliang has been helping,Seeing painstakingly,Chuanyin said:“Master of the wise Shenwu!Are you really going to sell Lingcao Lingshu??”
“Shit,I said not to sell,They certainly won’t agree,Only then can we sell at a high price,Do they think those spiritual trees are precious??Will definitely be regarded as a major commodity,Some people will say that I took the opportunity to drive up prices。”Lei Tianzi’s heart is happy,This kind of hype is the roughest way on earth,It can also deceive those demon cultivators who have no good brains。
These spiritual trees are collected by Lei Tianzi from walking in the starry sky over the years,Especially in the Puyuan Star Territory there are the most spiritual trees,These years have been taken care of by the monsters in the Puyuan Star Territory、Breed,Already has a very considerable number,Taking out and selling some can also reduce the burden in Dongtianfudi,Selling for money is also killing two birds with one stone。
Lei Tianzi lived in Lion City for more than a month,I bought it every day,Pang Duoer and Baoling are always with you,Prevent the strong monsters from seeing the money open and rob their money,Until the guests gradually fade away,Tianzi Lei closed his door to thank guests for releasing the news,Said that the spirit grass and spirit trees have been sold out,Even the spiritual trees planted in the courtyard were dug up and sold。
The cultivators of the Yaozu no longer visit。
This month,Lei Tianzi bought a lot of raw materials from Lion City,Most metal refining materials have more than doubled the price。
In the next two years,Lei Tianzi almost traveled all over the Yaozu territory in the ice world,The monsters occupy tens of trillions of square kilometers,Except for the little ice lion clan,And the Golden Dragon、Silver Dragon、Xuelong etc.,The most powerful Golden Dragon tribe occupies 8 trillion square kilometers of land,Is to fly with the new star castle,It also takes half a year without air resistance。
The vastness of the icy and snowy continent impressed Lei Tianzi very deeply.,This is only the area occupied by a creature of the Monster Race,Plus human race、Land occupied by demons,This icy and snowy land is actually a very rare continent。
After learning this information,Lei Tianzi made a prediction in his heart:“These races come together,It is very likely to prevent the invasion of the Yaozu domain,Although the strong in the Yaozu domain belong to the Yaozu,But the relationship between the monsters is not harmonious,The contradiction between them is even deeper than the contradiction between the human race and the monster race。”
With this idea in my heart,Lei Tianzi decided to win a piece of land in the ice and snow,Future war breaks out,Lei’s family can also plug in,I will be able to share a lot of resources。
Lei Tianzi is not a pacifist,But no matter who you fight with, you need a great reason,The race war actually gave Lei Tianzi an excellent opportunity to intervene,After every war,Lei Tianzi gets the most benefits。
This is because the Thunder Team received very advanced military education,The second is the most effective management method,Because all the spoils in battle belong to the individual,That means,Whoever grabs something on the battlefield counts,So that all sergeants of the Thunder Team who have participated in more than three battles are fat and oily,Pass these resources grabbed from the battlefield to future generations,The family has prospered,In the last battle in the Camel Star Territory,Lei Tianzi’s strategy of commanding light bombardment,Beat the enemy without a trace,Although there are many enemies,There are many real immortals,But many sergeants didn’t get the spoils,Very unhappy in my heart。
In fact, Lei Tianzi’s heart is similar to those of those sergeants,Their origins are basically from a teacher,That is An Liang, Lei Tianzi’s major disciple,As long as the war is won,The most important thing is to grab training resources,Some other minutiae are nothing but horses。
Since I came to the ice and snow,Lei Tianzi feels that there is nowhere to go,The demons here are all relatively“Keep oneself safe”,Lei Tianzi repeatedly shows weakness,And vaguely reveal that you are rich, try it,But it’s been a long time since a cultivator of the demon race came to rob them。

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