Understand these truths,Why not do poetry dreams?

“I’m still young,Master sit in this position。”Shimeng said immediately。
I repeatedly declined,Shimeng still let me sit。
The moment i sit down,Qian Daning’s face is pale。
The next wine feast,Staggered。
I drank a lot of wine。But Qian Daning is miserable。
Those in the sales department,Seeing Yao Yun supporting me,One by one pointed the finger at Qian Daning,Drank him in a while。
I watched all this coldly,In my heart,If it wasn’t for Yao Yun to save face for me。
otherwise,today’s me,Should be embarrassing。
They toast Yao Yun one by one。
She used to drink badly,I can’t support it soon。
Drink a little at first,after that,She simply stopped drinking,Just put the wine glass on the lips。
Shimeng come over,Pick up the wine glass,“Master,I respect you。”
“Shall we still drink?”I asked with a smile。
Under normal circumstances,The two of us never drink。
because,We are a whole,It doesn’t matter if you drink or not。
“Don’t you bless me?”Shi Meng asked with a smile suddenly。
Right,Today is her promotion dinner,How can you not bless?
“Congratulations。”I smiled and picked up the glass。

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