I turned my head and walked into the elevator。

After entering the elevator,I took out the phone and called Chen Zhifei。
I know I shouldn’t destroy other people’s families,but,Me at that time,As long as there is a belief in my heart,Is to make everything cheating,All go to hell!
The phone dialed,Chen Zhifei did not answer。
Such a critical moment,How can he not answer the phone?
Seeing it has arrived409room,I stopped。
I called Chen Zhifei again。
No one answered the phone。
Looking at the closed door,I let out a long sigh,Turned and walked downstairs。
The moment the elevator opens,I was completely shocked。
because,Wu Lan is holding an old man much older than him,Two people are talking affectionately。
After seeing me,Wu Lan suddenly turned pale。
Her wide eyes,Talk and stop。

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