The middle-aged man came to the golden lion with a golden armor guard,He salutes the Golden Lion,And actively invited the Golden Lion to enter the city,Propagating Dharma。

Yan Ruyu and a group of seriously injured red-crowned cranes are also invited,He took the seriously injured sister,Riding a carriage and following the middle-aged man to Wangcheng to celebrate his achievements。
but,He found that people in the royal city were welcoming the golden lion and the Luohan King Kong behind him,Almost everyone is praising the merits of the Golden Lion。
The golden lion stepped onto the highest platform in the city,He told everyone about Western Buddhism,He said he can purify sentient beings,He said he could save the people from the sea of suffering,He said he can suppress all evil spirits。
People are attracted by Golden Lion’s teaching,Everyone cheers excitedly。
And then,The Golden Lion continues to lead the Arhat King Kong to suppress evil spirits,Those evil spirits are exactly as Golden Lion said,Very afraid of Buddhism。
Where the Golden Lion goes,Demon,No evil spirits dare to resist。
Yan Ruyu also led the remaining red-crowned cranes to participate in the subsequent war against evil,but,Everywhere,Will meet fierce resistance。
The evil spirits are full of resentment towards the Taoist disciples,As long as you see Daozong disciples,Fight for life,Almost every time, both lose。
Gradually,Middle-aged men only believe in the golden lion when they wipe out evil spirits,Yan Ruyu and the red-crowned cranes were gradually left out,No one comes to them。
because,Everyone began to believe in Dharma。
The same strong support from middle-aged men,and,Want to establish Buddhism as the state religion。
And then,People began to build Buddhist monasteries everywhere,They no longer pray to Daozong,They even demolished Taoist temples,Transform directly on it。

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