Sima Yao is obviously starving,Pick up the chopsticks and fly up and down,Passing through the group of four looking at each other,Zhang Xiaoming picked up the chopsticks first,With a piece of pork,Chew in your mouth,“Ok,Original pork,very chewy,Just tasteless,If only there is chili sauce。”

Li Lan gave him a white look,“Dream,Chili won’t come in until the Ming Dynasty,Here,Soy sauce here,Will be on。”
Zhang Xiaoming dipped a chopstick full of soy sauce,In the mouth。
“This is soy sauce?Make sure it’s not moldy spit?”Zhang Xiaoming spit out,Low channel,“sister in law,You won’t cheat me。”
Li Lan couldn’t help laughing,“This is soy sauce,But the taste is very different from our time。
Soy sauce we use,The fermentation time can be accurately controlled in the production line of the factory、Temperature and humidity,The inoculation is extremely pure Aspergillus,Of course delicious。
But in this era,Do you understand,Whether it is temperature, humidity or inoculated mold,None is controllable,It depends on the brewer’s experience,Weird smell is normal。
Actually it’s not without the taste that matches our taste,But the manufacturing of soy sauce,Early is a kind of housework art and secret,Its brewing is mostly controlled by a certain master,The technique is often passed on from generation to generation or taught by a master,A brewing method,Good taste is monopolized by the noble official,This kind of country,How could there be?”
“Also said that you professionally research the art of crossing,Don’t even understand this。”
I heard Yang Pingfan’s taunt,Zhang Xiaoming mumbled:“I study how to rebel usurpation,Develop cross-age technology,This daily detail is no longer in scope。”
Sima Hu raised his head,“What are you talking about?”
“Oh,We are discussing the next plan,You eat first。”
The sauce cannot be imported,The four are not used to the taste of original meat,Vegetables are boiled,Smell of grass,Wheat rice mixed with chaff and sand,Almost broke his teeth,Dried fruit,Similar to wild fruit,Sour and astringent,Xiao Liu took a bite and yelled,In the end, only boiled eggs can be eaten。
Four people wiped out a plate of boiled eggs,It’s dark,Everyone decided to stay here for one night,By the way, discuss the next plan,Yang Pingfan and Li Donglai whisper a few words,Li Donglai carried a backpack and went out。
The store leads everyone into the guest room,Wooden structured inn,Only two floors,Chase shop on the first floor,Double as a pigsty stable,Peculiar smell。
Private room on the second floor,Just entered the house,The group frowned at the same time,Simple furnishings,A bed,a chair,A small table,Put a clay pot on it,There is a chamber pot in the corner,The bed is covered with linen quilt,The large-scale promotion of cotton was a matter from the late Southern Song Dynasty to the early Yuan Dynasty,Most textile materials in this era are hemp,The linen is stuffed with various feathers,Before I lay down, I smelled a beast。
Besides, there is no candle in the room,Whether it is lamp oil or candles, it is a luxury for Murano,A small hole was opened in the wooden wall as a window,There is a wooden board hanging beside it to block the light。

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