His figure is bathed in the golden ocean。

“This is a place?”Lin Feng looked at this golden ocean,He felt his body floating。
Just came from this time.。
Lin Fengshun came from the direction of the Buddha,I saw a golden figure on the knee in the golden ocean.,This is like a mountain,Be unpredictable,People don’t dare to look up。
Golden shadow surrounded by a beautiful figure,charming,charming,Charm world。
“This……”Lin Feng looked at this scene.。
Just at this time, a red ray will be from the sky.,The hit impact on the golden figure,Golden figure cracks between,The two nets that haunts around the surroundings are also dissipated.。
Red ray into a hazy figure,Glamorous,But with the feeling that does not to be infringed,Then directly, in order to rush to Lin Feng。
“Do not!”Lin Feng is looking at the horror of this red,Not he can resist at all,His figure is overwhelmed by red light,Thoroughly lost consciousness。
“Good strong yang,I have to cultivate him.,Take a complement……”The red rays suddenly sounded a charming voice.。
I don’t know how long it has been。
“Lin Feng,Time to wake up。”Bechang’s voice came。
Lin Feng heard this only opened his eyes.,His brain is directly cold sweat,Looking at the Becue Road, a little exhausted:“Belle,I want to sleep again.,so sleepy。”
“You have slept for a day,Now five pm,Don’t let you drink too much。”Bei Xue Yinmei white Lin Feng glance。
“In the afternoon?”Lin Feng heard the tongue,I have slept too long.。
“I still want you to sleep again.,But someone is looking for you。”Becue。
“Who is looking for me??Here I also don’t know people?”Lin Feng doubts,Ostrich and crows can’t know he live here.。
“Feng Kun them。”Bechang, helpless explanation。
“I still want to find 茬?”Lin Feng frowned,Is it not enough??
“Should it be。”Bei Xueyin blinked his eyes:“All right,They let you go first floor。”Said that Bechang turned around。
“Ok。”Lin Feng heard a little bit。
Boarding clothes,Then the next floor came to the first floor.,On the door of the restaurant on the first floor, I have already standed by Feng Kun.,Camouflage,Huang Miui。
“Forest brother,Dream for a nap。”The camouflage of the man looked at Lin Feng.,Smile。
“fine,I didn’t take a nap,go,Drink two cups up。”Lin Feng smiled and said,Stretch your hand,Let’s mention the lesson of the lesson.。
“Hey-hey,Don’t drink,Come here to drink some tea。”Camouflage a man laughs,Mom’s forest is very large.,And the gamma is very bovine。
“Lin Feng,I don’t know your phone.,Cannot contact you,Just let Bei Xue Yin call you.,Last night,Couldn’t help but。”Feng Kun, I walked up.。
Originally, I wanted to Lin Feng.,But it was dried by people Lin Feng.,Lin Feng pays,Also resettle people serving them,This,Feng Kun feels too much.。
“Kun brother,There is no more trouble。”Lin Feng does not matter。
Several people walked into the restaurant to drink afternoon tea。
“I don’t say it.,Brother,Water gave up chasing。”Feng Kun picked up a glass of milk apology:“Received you with milk。”
“Kun brother,You have seen it.。”Lin Feng picked up a glass of milk laughing:“Truth,I am not a boyfriend of Beckham.。”Lin Feng is like this,You are good to him.,He is also good to you。
Now Feng Kun is like this,He is not necessary to carry black pot.。
Tell this,Huang Mao,Camouflage,Feng Kun。
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