“Uh-huh,You go back first.,But I still have to remind you.,Everything is slow,Fixed heart,Can create better works。”More important is to maintain original。

Lin Xiwei listened to her words.,But she can’t figure it out.,Why can she see it?,Her design release,Also quite laborious,So I checked a lot of famous designers on the Internet.。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“Lin designer and I just met you when I met you.。”Blue Xin is slightly on the sofa,Lip corner,“I remember that I first saw you.,Although you are sending a leaflet,But your eyes have a firm and conflict to this world.,the you now,never mind……You go back first.
Blue Xin is deliberately finished。
Some things are not。
Lin Xiwei will understand。
“it is good!”Lin Xiwei is falling away。
Blue Xin sits on the sofa,Look at her illusory footsteps,Cold and cold,People have to go back when they hit the South Wall.。
“Wife,How do I feel that your smile is a little diameter measurement?。”Lu Haocheng looked at her suddenly。
Lan Xin looked at him and laughed.。
Anger:“Not because of your face of the woman,Lin Xiwei is running with you.,You do not know?”
第1890章 绯闻,你要赔我一个平板
陆浩成蹙眉,快速走到她身边坐下, “蓝蓝 ,怎么了?”
熙 still no girlfriend,I have a girlfriend in the future.,I will mind this matter.。[How many days,Is it a rumor??Actually, I have a brother with my good friend.,And also married,Combined with her previous life experience,Life ups and downs,But I have to get this ups and downs.
,Miss Gu Jia is not incense??Is the position of Lu??__Hey-hey!]
[Blue Director and Legs Group President have been in contact with intimate,Now finally,How is she so bad?。Heartache me。]
This news, Weibo hot search list,Every news has become the first。
Even the current actress is now。
Lu Hao Chengfeng has been all fried,Bombing in the comment area,Insult her。
Some not only speech insults,Also let her roll out Lu Hao Cheng’s life。

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