“Forgive。senior,I,I am wrong.。”

“Since it is wrong,I don’t kill you.。”
If you thank you, you haven’t said it.,Immediately feel a round of cyclone。
now,Lin rang right arm is waving,After the power,Throw it out。
According to the existing power of the forest,It should not fly 100,000 mountains.!
The little demon saw the forest,A scared battle。
Lin loudly:
“Don’t be afraid of you。I am not the kind of person who causes innocent,You also saw it.,I just throw it away.。”
The little demon。
Although I understand,Throw so strong,螂 is definitely not alive。
“Allocate。Continue to carry a way!”
The front of the demon hurriedly accelerated speed,Erafein is a dissatisfaction,Throw them out。
Lin Rong followed this group of little demon continued to hurry。
For about a long time,They parked in front of a mountain,Refers to the front:
“There is a place where the legend of the legendary dragon bones fall。”
The whole mountain is surrounded by yin,Different from the outside。
“senior。Here is a secret place;We are dead before death,Will also walk into,Choose to bury your own flesh inside。”
Lin Yong listened to them so much,Nature。
Why is there so heavy??
It is because of the monsters in the hundred thousand mountains enter here.,Expand this place with your emillation of your own death.,In the final formation of such a scale。
Curious use of both eyes to see the situation in the mountain,I can only see the periphery。
Since there is such a rich and yin,It is just that it can be converted to the way by pure yang.,Enhance your strength。
As for no keel,Lin rang is not satisfied.。
“You can。”Immediately, I’m sinking the merits to give them a reward.。
Alone one person to the mountain。
The little demon is finished,Want Linning disappeared in their sights。
Leave a question mark in them。
Is this the strength of the predecessor??
Although the danger,One person alone。
Besides,I seem to have forgotten,There is still a creature inside.。
It should be fine in the strength of the seniors.!

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