“do not worry,I am going back to China soon.,Will not cause trouble for your future life。”

Morris’s first two steps,Throw a glance against Liao Wenjie:“If you think too Tang Jun,Not psychologically prepared,We can eat a meal first.,Then look at the movie。”
Liao Wenjie speechless,Do not mind with Morris or two,Now
Morris left eyelid,Two nosebleeds have not yet cleared,He can hold back and not laugh.。
Wu Luoi pushed Morris,Awkward road:“Ager,This is my port of Morris,From London,Don’t listen to her nonsense,just kidding。”
“I am serious,Not open”
“Don’t interruption me talk”
Just when two policewomans prepared on-site debate,The door is blocked by violence,A policeman brought the team into,Looking at the wolf,It’s very ugly。
Wu Luozhen and Morris were in the landlord,Police salute,Simple telling the result。
“Is there a mistake?,No evidence, you dare to catch people,Who are you thinking,Didn’t know if you are suspended??”
The police loudly,Then close to Wu Luo,Small channel:“How’s it going,The film is not true,Tian Weiqiang’s lawyer group was in the police,If it is a fake,I can’t be back this black pot.。”
“rest assured,Has been verified,Unlucky。”
“That’s no problem.。”
The police smiled and nodded.,Then restore the serious face that is just no.,Sound roaring:“Don’t explain with me,I don’t want to listen to these nonsense.,I only look at the facts.。Man,Put everyone,Bring back the police average,Never allow someone to reverse it is not black and white。”
Under one’s order,All Hong Kong Island Police began to catch people,Large house,Tian Weiqiang’s younger brother did not stay,All copied。
Make the collections and dissect pain.,Although they are not a bad party,But involving the case too deep,Plus the bowel depapery of stealing chicken,Less you less than staying in the prison for a while。
“It turns out that you are Liao Wenjie,If you don’t mind,I will call you Ajie.。”
Liao Wenjie,Preparing to cooperate with the police,The police who accompanied by Wu Luo stopped,He waved to let the police leave,Admire:“I listen to the boss and say you.,He boasts you the sky,I still have a little uncleary at the time.,Now, he seems to be a human eye.,Five thousand people don’t shake,It’s not a few more than Hong Kong Island.。”
“Boss,Is Huang Laowa??”
Liao Wenjie:“This police,I don’t know how to call it.?”
Brief introduction,Liao Wenjie knows,In front of this policeSirAdmit,Bare to do half a student,Have this relationship,Everyone can say it is a person.。
Let Liao Wenjie tangled,The police also surnamed Huang。
Retired total policemanSir,Wu Luo’s superior policeSir,Plus He Min’s former boyfriend’s anti-black group long yellowSir。
A little chaotic。
Huang Police Division helps,Plus retired yellowSirCall up,There is another behavior of Liao Wenjie to be a righteousness.,Soon, he recorded the mouth.,And the high manager came out of the police station。
Huang Police Division is highly appreciated by Liao Wenjie’s behavior,And guarantee a bonus to give him,But Tian Weiqiang’s case is serious,Excessive person involved,Therefore, there is a certain time from the dust.,The date of the bonus is not fixed,Let him wait patiently。
Another bonus!
If Liao Wenjie left the police station,It seems to find a way to get rich。
But this idea flashes,Didn’t be considered seriously。
Too dangerous。
“Ager,This time you have lost you.,Otherwise, my little life can be difficult.。”
Recall the situation in the big house,The high manager is still a bit shower.,He decided to give himself a month,At the same time, give Liao Wenjie a month.。
Both paid。
The class did not last few days.,Two months of paid fake,This makes Liao Wenjie shy,What is the next time with salary?。

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