Two masters of eyes are full of persistence,They are still inertial, and they will retreat.。

Just one of them just quit five meters,An elongated red line suddenly appeared in the middle of the throat,Moment,Red line torn,A bloody arrow。
Another person is with a dozen steps,Body to make a click,Fiercely fell,A pit appears in the chest。
Heart is shocked。
All this happens,Such as Bai Wei,Floating lipography。
No one wants to be in the summer, this is strong,Just a photo,Three golden Dan fang masters。
And this is just a start.。
Hands in hand,Wan like a descendant,Radical。
Summer every shot,Will pass a scream,Will have blood fog out,There will be a corpse。
I am invincible,Invincible。
Sword sword。
Not less than three minutes,Seventeen people have been killed。
This is a terrible result。
One person is facing a lot of experts,Instead, force the group,Jin Dan master in his hand,It’s like a chicken tile,Be unbearable。
“至 罡,At least the beginning of the,Even a middle and late。”
Luo,A Tianlong Gate, the old, old, sluggish,It is completely shocked by the killing in front of you.,The rest of them is also an incredible。
Can so ravage golden,Only to the mirror can do it。
the other side,The yin old and Li Feng also changed the color.,Due to the same judgment。
Especially Li Feng,The face is difficult to see,Suddenly smashed。
“Everyone together,Don’t fear him。”
“He only has a person,It is powerful even,I can’t resist our so many people.。”
Even,In the face of dozens of golden murderous,In the end, there is only a false。
“Ha ha。”
Summer is alright,Black scorpion shoots cold light,It is like substantial。
When the four sides are fierce attacks,A few steps,It’s like Shunyi, generally left a winding.。
He is too,Like a roller mill,Blood light is constantly splashing,Screaming。
Like a phantom,He flashed a few flashes in place.,Sewing pin,It is like a side of the two masters that are ready to sneak over.。
A face-frightened skull falls,Bring a large blood rain,When he left, the body fell.。
at the same time,His fist tested a torn torn sound like a ghost,Unsecured power condense,Overlive。
Another master flew out in the bone chastper,Fall in the ground,The whole body is nearly all。

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