Unlesseds,Mu Tian said,“After all, it is the wine I held.,I will pay this money.,It is, I ask.。”

Say,Look at summer with a touch of eyes,“How much。”
Narrate,Summer oblique,Take a more light way,“100 million。”
Mu Tian face change,Just a word is not falling,Summer is impatient,“Just now Zhang Shaohe Hu Shao bidding to 100 million,That cup is the month to drink,If you have no money,Just when I ask.。”
After the end,The look is disdainful,Mutter,“Some people now,What family 嫡,Both are dog fart,No money is also。”
Mu Tianzhao,I can’t hate to kill this bastard.,But so many people look,Have exported,If it is a repent,Absolutely become a laughter。
“Ah?One million?”
The moon is surprised to cover his mouth,Continuously shook his head,“Mu Gongzi,Can you make this money?,If it is three or five hundred thousand words, it will be.,100 million can’t,After all, I haven’t controlled Mujia.,I can’t do the master.,Still me?。”
Mu Tian’s face is more ugly。
The words of the moon seem to have no,But by a woman, it can’t be said.,If he can still bear,That is not a man.。
“Monthly,What are you?,I can’t afford me Mu Tian?,I said, please,Isn’t it more than 100 million?。”
After the end,Mu Tian looks to summer,“I didn’t bring so much money.,Leave your account,I called you back.。”
Summer smiles nodded,Swift,“Take a barrier。”
“You……What is meaning?”Mu Tian face is gloomy,“I am afraid that I can’t pay attention.?”
“Yes,I am afraid that you will pay.。”
Summer is very calm,Then,In the eyes of everyone stunned,Tangle,Open the camera function,For Mu Tian is awkward。
Wipe,He came again.,“You a poor ghost,I am really afraid that you can’t get 500 billion.。”
Mu Tian face suddenly,Summer blue gluten jump,Bidding,Blocks are filled with blood。
The following。
This is the first and three of this person in front of him.?
Since his memory,No one dares to respect him,Not don’t say that it is a continuous。
But……Sincerely,His sense of thinking。
Not an idea。
It is necessary to pay。
The other person killed his brother,Both sides have long been dead。
In his eyes,Summer is already a dead person,Is it necessary to pay for a dead??
“Good,Very good。”
He stared coldly in the summer,“No matter how much money,In my eyes, it is a series of meaningless numbers.,Since you are in the belly of the heart of the villain,Then write the loan.。”
Summer give two universal laughter,Just the sound means deep long,Flooding disdainful and ridiculous,Let Mu Tian dark air。

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