But this big morning,Su Ling calls,Invite him with serious and official tone。

not simple。
This is absolutely not simple。
Su Ling did not sell Guanzi,Just pause,Time to think about summer,Survert。
“In fact, this matter is also related to you.。”
Summer eyes never,“Appreciate further details。”
“Is such that,Remember the last time you fight with those fighting masters??Although after an event,Those reporters play your face mosaic,But there is still some circulation.……”
Surveying,Not a reporter’s report,Instead, there are students to shoot with mobile phones.,Uploaded to the network。
In fact,Summer one person overturned fifty masters,This time triggered a huge sensation,Even the headline。
Many netizens discuss,like,There are more people to question and disdain。
But this is not the most important。
The most important thing is the island country, which came to exchange, this time.,Among them, there is no extensive student.,They named their names and learn from summer。
Qinghai University ranks in China in China,But in front of it has a stronger university,, For example, Hanwen University,Shumei University,Yanjing University。
Sakura University as the best academician in Asia,Why is the university exchange of Qinghai University,It is because the existence of that video。
After the Suls said,Even afraid that summer does not agree,Extremely sincere。
“summer,If you don’t participate,The other party is very likely to cancel this exchange activity,I……I hope you can come.……”
“Ah。”Summer smiling,“Just learn from me,They deliberately communicate with Qinghai University,If I don’t participate,They will cancel,Su Da President,You don’t think this matter……”
Not finished,Disturb。
He suddenly remembered the female nintee who met last time.,There is also the eight ninja to your own food last night.。
Sakura University……
This time, it’s some identity.。
They named their names to find themselves。
Today’s summer is not the juvenile of the year,Eight years of life and death,Let him develop a very special habit。
That is the automatic integration and analysis of information。
All related things are linked together,Then analyze the cause and results。
therefore……Many things don’t touch it yourself.。
Just see or hear a point-related information,It will give a blurred conclusion。
“summer?”Su Lingli’s voice interrupted his meditation。
“it is good,I attended!”
Summer is very happy and promised,Just the mouth of the mouth, the hook, the coldness of people。
“real?Great,When are you coming?”Su Ling’s voice is full of huge surprises。
Summer does not think,“I listened to Iranian to talk about a week.,When martial arts competition,You in advance……”
Toned,Summer face,Sudden words,“Ok,I have been looking at it now.。”
Since the other party is rushing to,He feels necessary to know。

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