Many years of sister friendship,This is destroyed。

then,In order to get Xiao Luo’s recognition,She pays a price。
now,These hate,She all shouted to Blue Xin’s body.。
Yun’an,Woman wearing sexy short skirt,Long legs,Take a pair of high boots,A bright youth,Standing behind Yun’an,Look at them, don’t leave,She asked her:“Shallow,Why don’t you go??”
In the four or five women,Her one is outstanding,Long hair and waist。
It is a relatively red uniform network red in recent time.。
Evaluation of the highest uniform temptation,It is said that an hour earned millidair。
And wearing is the sexy uniform of Yun’an shallow design.。
Abroad,Her belt capacity,Let Yun Anomed。
This time, Yun An, ShallowJiangjiang City,Take them together with several nets。
What is to be a gun in the river。
“First summer,I saw a woman bullying my a few days ago.。”
Yun’an Yongjing Cool Coolment。
“Oh!What is it still?,Let’s bullish it in the past.,Look out。”
Yun’an knows that these small nets are very loyal to themselves.,She threws the olive branch so,They also have an unshirpore.。
but,She smiles,Looking at the early summer,Another face is innocent and wronged:“First summer,never mind,You are public figures,Make things big,Not good to your name。”
“Humph!What are you afraid?,Our public figures are justifying,Is it afraid that others can not,go,She dares to bully you,I dare to look at it today.。”
The first summer child is easy to urge,With yourself, you have a height and the famous name,It is more proud to have no matter whether you don’t care.。
She rushed to front,Yun’an is a scratching。
A villain,Even the damage will,She doesn’t care。
kayI will know that there will be good play.,She didn’t say anything,Follow several girls。
And who carefully selection of children’s bracelets and Le Yu,There is no danger to sneak。
“Wow,Blue,It is worthy,Every jewelery is carefully made,The exquisite pattern is like a dotted eye,Look at these girls,It is even more quiet and elegant.。”
“And you see these meaning,I don’t know,I am scared to jump,I see online saying,Sterling silver created bracelet,Annan,Depth,Governance,Although I don’t know if it is true or false,But it’s too beautiful.。”
“You,I see you into evil.,Wearing silver is indeed some benefits to the human body,Silver ions have strong sterilization,Many benefits to the human body,Silver and many toxin collisions can chemically react,Causes silver to become black,Envoy,It is really good to be a human body.。”
Le Yu is curious to look at her,“Blue baby,How did you know these??”
NS1516chapter:Why do they break her?
Blue Xin laughs:“You forgot my clothes,Sometimes there will be silver decoration,But this is not what I learned.,But talking to the sponsor chat。”
“Gather,you choose,I pay,Give my son who did not born。”
She also planned to buy a gift for her children.,She is also a child’s drum。
She also wants to send bracelets,I just want to wait until she will send my child.。
I met her today.,I just bought it.。
“Hey-hey”Le Yu, I am very happy, I am very happy to listen to this.。

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