Xia Jian continued:“Something like this,Not only do local management departments not actively deal with,Instead, the responsibility was passed on to Hongjian Group,They said it was because our group did not pay them,Which triggered something like this。Just today,There are people who fan the flames,To carry the body of this suicide woman to our group。What are you saying?”

“Bastard,Really lawless。President Xia!Since I, Lan Jianguo, know about you,Then I will definitely ask,You must be calm,Don’t tear your skin with them,Because there are a lot of things to deal with with them。Leave this wicked person to me,I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer。You are the one who does practical things for us in Bucheon,You said I can leave it alone?”
Lan Jian said,Suddenly picked up the wine glass。
Xia Jian has a look,Busy holding the glass and stood up excitedly。Zhang Fenglan sat and didn’t move,Lei Lei is very smart,She also stood up with Xia Jian。
Four people drink a bottle of liquor,Soon reached the bottom。Maybe Xia Jian talked about the shanty town,So once this wine is finished,Lan Jianguo immediately stood up and said:“I have to go back to the province overnight,This matter must come out tomorrow”
Lan Jianguo will leave after talking,Xia Jian still wants to deliver。Zhang Lanfeng said with a smile:“President Xia!Don’t follow outside,There are orchids outside**’S driver is waiting”
Xia Jianyi heard Zhang Fenglan’s name for Lan Jianguo,I knew he was a high official in the province。This is his fatal flaw in Xia Jian。As a businessman,Must have keen social observation,To understand politics,But he never cared about this,No one believes this。
Lan Jianguo is away,Zhang Fenglan and Xia Jian talked a few more words,They were talking about the reconstruction of shanty towns。Out of thanks to Zhang Fenglan for his help all the way,Xia Jian agreed on the spot,Let Zhang Fenglan’s company do the fire pipes for the shantytown reconstruction project。
Zhang Fenglan is of course very happy,After all, everyone is in business。In Zhang Fenglan’s very true sentence:“We are stationed in Bucheon,Can’t find a pedal,Xia Jian did this,It is nothing more than a powerful pedal for Zhang Fenglan to enter Bucheon。
A wise woman is better than a mother。Zhang Fenglan knows her daughter very well,So everyone said for a while,She found an excuse to leave early。
Zhang Fenglan left,Xia Jian and Lei Lei also went downstairs。Two people standing in the early spring night,Enjoying the cold wind blowing with the chill of melting snow,Lei Lei couldn’t help asking:“You are getting busy,Did not even call me during the Chinese New Year”
“Oh!This year has passed a very special year,I told you you might not believe it”
“is it?I really want to hear,Why don’t we find a place to sit and talk,Anyway, it’s still early tonight”
Lei Lei said with a sweet smile。

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