Zhang Yuantu was already in his forties,Desperately spent 30 years of life with the ancestor of the white tiger,It took another ten years to save Chen Xiu,Now he is a twilight old man in his eighties!

If you don’t go to the secret realm sooner to find the Shou Yuan Dan to replenish life,Zhang Yuantu is really afraid that he will save his life and be in the magic capital。
Of course to Chen Xiu and them,Zhang Yuantu only said for the other five ancestors、Ge Hong,Is to find those masters in the door who have retired,I hope to restore the prestige of Taiyi Exorcism Gate。
After Master Zhang Yuantu left,Chen Xiu also secretly ran to the village in the city http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn and met Zhu Huiwei once。
This guy is still weak,I hide in the house and practice recovery every day,What comforted Chen Xiu was that he really ate“Vegetarian”,Did not bite the living、Suck blood。
Chen Xiu talked about this trip to Hong Kong Island。
of course,For Guben《Tao Te Ching》Realize Promise Slash with yourself、Spiral strength, these are briefly mentioned,He deliberately wanted to hide,Although Zhu Huiwei treats herself well,But this guy was also a huge pit when he pitted himself,It’s safer to keep one hand。
Zhu Huiwei has no doubts,He thinks Chen Xiu’s Wuji Slash is Taiyi Exorcism’s combat skill。
After all, the Exorcist Gate has chased and killed the fifth ancestor for more than 1,600 years, but dare not see the sky.,It’s normal to have some fighting skills to restrain the five ancestors。
As for Zhang Yuantu’s zombies cannot evolve,Chen Xiu didn’t talk to Zhu Huiwei,I’m afraid it will hit him by speaking out。
After all, Zhu Huiwei has always thought that waiting for him to heal,Refining a few third-generation zombies can evolve to second-generation zombies。
The dream of breaking a person is undoubtedly cruel,Just like Ou Jianhua,He wants to live as a zombie,Do everything possible to stop him from thinking it’s good for him,But don’t know,He didn’t think so。
After Zhu Huiwei heard what Chen Xiu said, he was amazed,Even more:“That Ou Jianhua now wants to become a zombie,Actually you can bring him back,Let me transform him。Never stay on Hong Kong Island!”
Chen Xiu slapped his head,He really didn’t expect this,But think again,It’s really hurt that Ou Sheng saw his father turn into a bloodthirsty monster。
“Forget it,Everyone has a personal fate,It was his own choice that he chose to stay on Hong Kong Island。Life and death are determined by heaven,Can’t blame anyone!”
Zhu Huiwei nodded,I won’t talk more about Ou Jianhua,Just say:“The ancestor of the white tiger was hurt by you once,With his guilty http://www.igaoer.cn temperament,I will take action personally when the undersea tunnel attacks you,Instead of just sending some low-level zombies to attack you,Let you leave Hong Kong Island so easily!”

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