Simple and straightforward。

But when these movements come together,But there is a round of embarrassing。
“Inad……”After a joint metal critical,Then shoot two gorgeous knives。
“Bombardment”Dora and Kysi were directly flying out of a knife.,Heavy falling on the ground,Connect a big mouth vomiting blood。
Both people play,The face is difficult to see。
They can’t understand。
What is the secret?,It turned out to make the strength of the summer reached the terrible situation.。
In fact。
They can feel,The summer is in essence,Not much better than before。
Really shocked,Is his judgment on the situation,Strength control,And the timing of shooting……Simply wonderful to the peak。
“He must not last long。”
The two can only give themselves,I want to continue to take my teeth.。
But just at this time,I suddenly came from a cold drink in the distance,“Exxter,I will help you.!” Bamboo。
A figure quickly rushed,Speed fast like lightning,Blink。
This person is burly,Handheld a wide sword,Horizontally eyebrow,Ignition。
Soon arrived,Standing in summer,“Sorry,I am late.。”
Summer is free to look at it。
Didn’t ask how the other party finds this place。
No question,The other party is still in a coma,This is a living。
He,“Good,You help me block the magic。”
He is currently appearing,I have already thought about many excuses.。
I haven’t thought that there is no challenge at all in the summer.。
This makes him some don’t know what it is.。
Especially the opponent’s heart is in a hurry。
Calm,Indifferent,No single fluctuation,But it seems to be able to inside his heart。
Williams’ heart is slightly informed,Trend to converge,Now drink,“Good,You have to be careful。”
He pointed to Keys,“I just hurt him.……Heap!”
Not finished,Stop。

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