And she is a person in Zhao County, Li.!She stands behind the family.!

Think here,Gao Biyi feels that his waist is hard.。
Sitting on a quiet zen housing in the Tianping Temple,Gao Bao is not comfortable。
He is wearing dark blue silk robes today,Well-smooth,to be honest,Gao Biyi doesn’t like this kind of clothes at all.,And the activities are not convenient。Hey, he is free.,First, you can get the old man, you can see it today, it is an idea of people.,Her family is very supportive。
This is very embarrassed.。
I think that my own look seems to be a bit soil.,Also because the old is a bit black,What cannot be more than Cui,Don’t say that Sanlang is grateful.。
I should not be disappeared.?In case,That is not very lost?Even if you change the other women,In the future, I will get married.。
At that time this girl came to a sentence,look,This is what I didn’t pick it up.。
Hey, he is awkward.!
Just when Gao Baoyi is cranky,Two young women walk into the Zen。
One of them wear Danxia’s skirt,The figure looks a bit full of。Skirt long floating,Pleressed,Graceful and expensive。However, the part of the neck is covered with the shackles,Can’t see your face。
It’s not good to say,Code young bodybuilding,But Gao Biyi feels fat.,Not too much。
This is the master,Because of this year,Which servant will be walked in such a gorgeous dress?。This set of clothes is not doing something.!
Another one is not to say is a woman.,Plain,There is no powder on your face.,Wearing a simple white logo。
But let him score.,The owner is up to seventy points, because after all, it can’t see it.,And this girl can play one hundred and twenty-fold,Her beauty is simply to live in the Gao Baoyi of the two people.。
This femaper is 178 years old,It seems to have a beautiful sound,Dead。That double spiritual big eyes are looking forward to,Pretty face with micro-inspected smile。Long hair is simple to tie a hair,Insert a wooden flower,Very simple,It is difficult to cover up。
Compare a prisoner,Lining the graceful figure。Rosewarted with the ridge,Neck is white and repaired,The whole person looks tall and beautiful。
Sure enough, it is a maid from the people of everyone.!Really first-class level,Those dancers who dance than to the high ocean are still good.。
Gao Baoyi,Silang’s Ais is also beautiful,But compare this woman,Nothing is nothing。Zhao Ye Li,Sure enough, there is a bottom,Even the maids in the family are so beautiful.。
But think about it.,Maids,Waiting to sleep when the hostess is not convenient,Also prevent“Small three”。Cui Niangzi is a woman who is not a powerful maid of the year.,Otherwise, a friend of a friend.,Where is the opportunity?!
Maids are not“Fighting power”May not work。
Gao Boi suddenly wanted to enter。Wife and wife,If this Li family is still in the style,I just got it.。At that time, this beautiful maid is married.,The same is true of your own dishes.!Buying the beads,His Gao Baoyi will not do。
See Gao Baoyi“Colorful”Staring at yourself,The beautiful maid brow is slightly wrinkled,Let’s go to the ear of Li Jiayu, half a day.,It seems that it is a bad thing to speak Gao Biyi!
Chicken,Bad dishes!
Don’t you read you a few eyes??What is your own?,Isn’t my heart??I am also a man.!See you more eyes and will not die.!As for so urgent, is it??
See this scenery。
Sure enough, there is a prodigal son like the ancestors.。The maid is the kind of result.,But there is more than enough guys。
At this moment,That Li Jiamu was actually turned directly.!However, the beautiful maid did not go,But I have been looking for a cushion.,Sit down in front of Gao Biyi。
“My lady has seen you.,But she doesn’t want to talk to you.,Is there anything I will convey?。Um,You call me autumn cream.。”
Lying in a big grass!
Gao Baoyi heard this, the whole person is not good.!
Say that your Li family is really big.,Even the Xuan Emperor,I won’t get me so.?
The fire in Gao Biyi is squatting.。
However, in his eyes, he saw that there is no smile on the autumn frost.,I know that this is a lot of princes that Li Jiamians who have tested themselves.。
“that,My name is Gao Boyi”

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