After coming to the shantytown,Han Jiang makes Ji and Bronia hide in the dark,Go to find a gray snake。

If you talk,Or have other changes,Notify two people。
After finding the rotten building where the gray snake is,Han Jiang found that there is no one here.,This is a bit strange.。
The identity of the asy snake is a means of intelligence,The location of intelligence traffickers is generally gathering in the underground world。
crowded place,More darkness,Cheng Lixue does not have so many people to manage,Can only be developed。 There must be a demon abnormally,Han Jiang is ready to remove the red gun at any time.。
Han Jiang carefully entered the rotten building,From the first floor,I saw two people on the ground at the end of the second floor.。
Multiple volunteers of the body of two people,Large area is mechanically transformed,Both are killed。
Up to the third floor,Only the gray snake climbed on the ground。
“This hangs?”
Han Jiang squatting on the ground,Push the brain head with hand。
The script is different.,Assembly, it is still difficult to escape.。
It seems that when intelligence traffickers,Also strong,Otherwise I can’t make intelligence trading with the Too much organization.。
“Ji Miss,Bronia,You come up.。”
Hanjiang is redesigned with the wing of the flag of the flag.。
“died?”Ji is staring at the ash snake on the ground,“Who is it??”
“A knife in the gray,The heart is directly penetrated,Very clean and neat。”Han Rong shrugged:“It should be Lita。”
“Be right,Isn’t she dispatched me and Zi Yana?!”
Seeing Han Jiang suddenly burst out,Ji quickly asked:“What’s wrong?”
“Does Lita’s battleship is right in Tianzhu Airport??”Han Jiang asked。
“Yes,Is Cheng Lixue tell us?,She has sent someone to stare.。”Ji:“rest assured,In this large city,Rita will not easily use the battleship to fight。”
“Although it is the world’s first forces,This will undoubtedly lead to anger。”Bronia followed。
“no no。”Han Jiang grabbed the hair,“Lita will not use,World Snake!”
“Quickly notice Cheng Lixue to strengthen people,Just said that there were world nature mercenary organizations sneaked into the world.,Need to protect airport security。”
Hanjiang has already thought about helping the reason.,Lita’s battleship cannot be blinded by the world snake.。
The battleship developed by Shenzhou is still in manufacturing.,Use it to use or good。
“The gray snake is already dead.,Routine,Let’s go back first.。”
“Han Jiang,You have to be careful,A small collapsed incident occurred outside of your nearby three kilometers,Don’t expose it.!”
Communicator drip ringing,File wings send information。

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