Unless otherwide refute,Also,“second,Face so much muzzle,You a gorgeous,The performance is too calm,Although you strive to make yourself panic,Can you have your eyes,No punishment,Hehehe,That is not the calm of the situation,It is a kind of peaceful。”

“certainly,The above two points are self-suction,You can find respective reasons,But you have four bodyguards on the neck of the neck.,How to be the same as these armed members?,You won’t tell me……This is a coincidence。”
Mudong’s four bodyguards are wearing a suit,It is a shirt inside,But occasionally turning between,It can faintly see the tattoo on one side of the neck.,What is the specific?,Unrecognizable。
http://www.jishengjiaye.cn Armed members can be different from around,Most wearing camouflage,But there are only a few people only wearing a black tight vest.,The scorpion tattoo on one side of the neck is eye-catching。
Summer sound continues to ring。
“The most important thing is,I am very clear that the armed member survives or fights in the wild.,What is a state?,The essence of these people……Hehehe,I can only deceive those outsiders.。”
Fall into the voice,Arrive around。
Silence,Leaf falls。
time,As if it is fixed。
Jiang Yao and the staff,One of the scratches,Everything is seen in Mu Dong。
Although they fight in the business field,But not idiot,Not lack of thinking logic。
At all no proven,I have already approved the summer.。
“hehe,Ha ha ha ha ha,Ha ha ha ha……”
Mu Dong smiled。
First laugh first。
The sound is getting bigger and bigger。
He laughed on the waist,Laughing straight tears,Laughing resentment。
http://www.wanwan998.cn “Boy,I have to say that you are very smart.,Really smart。”
He point to summer,Rotating and thumbs up,At the same time slowly,Come to the white body。
“Mr. Mu,It seems that you seem to be exposed.。”White is quite surprised,But don’t panic,Old smile,“I apologize。”
“Unrelated to you。”
Mu Dong shakes the head,Summary,The blood in the eyes seems to be anger.,The sound is extremely,“I want to blame this small hybrid!”
“Mu Dong!you,Why do you want to do this?!”
Ginger is pale,That pretty face is full of anger。
Fang Mu Dong gave her,Let Jiang Yao live a touch,Even in the depths of the heart, I was touched.。
But I didn’t think of it.,The behind-the-scenes behind the scenes is he himself.。
Mu Dong’s mouth,Tissue,“Come so dangerous place,You won’t think that I have only four bodyguards.?The first day http://www.jvshang.cn I came,I hired a local armed forces to protect my safety.,Is this not normal??”
Since it has been exposed,He didn’t have an urgent hand.,It is proud to tell your own plan.。

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