“All right!”

Lihua Glass feels that your question is not asked.,I feel that Han Jiang is really a nerd.。
Communication channel listens at the long air market,It’s so long.,The whole class girl did not hear Han Jiang and which girl did not contact。
Moreover, Hanjiang is the same as the girl in the class.,No matter who is right, it is very patient.,Please do something generally,Very responsible。
Hanjiang’s communication channel suddenly sounded,The voice of Ji is incorporated into Hanjiang Ear.。
“Internship female god collection,There is a new task.。”
Han Jiang retired after continuous,Hiding to open the military glaze,Say:“Have a task.,I have to go。”
In addition to Hanjiang,Siki four people received the message at the same time。
Qi Yana and Fuhua’s fighting training have been defeated,Depressed still stays on your face for three seconds,Let the horse exchanged the excitement。
Five people quickly rushed to the office of Ji,Qi Yanna first asked:“What task,Where should I get a collapse??”
Ji shook his head,Say:“This task is to explore tasks,Different from the past,But time consuming may grow some。”
“Considering that Fuhua is alreadyALevel female Wushen,Occasionally receive the task of the headquarters,Needless to follow us,By the way, you can also look at the situation of the class.,I am more assured by you.。”
Nabi,Say:“I have no objection to this.。”
As for Hanjiang,Although there is alsoALevel strength,But since the beginning of school,Did not go to a separate female Wu Shen test nuclear test。
So in the information recorded in the Santa Feria School,He is still aBLevel female Wushen。
“Ji Auntie,Then when will we start?,now,now?I can not wait any more!”Qi Ya said loudly。
Jizi single-handed,Is it still unacceptable to Qiana’s name?,At the same time, think of your age and physical condition,Mood is more depressed。
“This time is an exploration task,Will leave us for a few days to prepare,By the way, the skills of the fighting accidents you have used as the god of gods。”Kii said patiently:“You are still an internship,Don’t set your own direction,To fully develop。”
Chapter 133 Bold is very fat
“Why is you ready?,Don’t you pick up your difficulties in the past??”Qi Yana does not conquest。
“Shenzhou is not a sentence,Call,Call,What is the Buddha??”Qi Yana said he looked at Hanjiang.。
“Buddha to kill Buddha,God blocking。”Han Jiang http://www.yanyangdabao.cn reminded。
“right!This is it!”Qi Yana raised his fist:“Buddha to kill Buddha,God blocking,Don’t you need to prepare??”
Fuhua has returned,Supervise the rest of the people to continue to train。
Ji Lai Louis Ki Ya Na,Torp knitting:“Budding,You go to prepare materials on the list,There are many things that we need to start.,Thanks a lot。”
Jacket nodding,Take the list of Ji。
“Today is mainly to inform you.,Remember to maintain weapons armor,Although there will be routine check,But still have to remind you。”
“Just these,You go back to class.,Maintenance weapons tomorrow,Preparing materials do not have to be class,Three days later we started at 8 o’clock in the morning.。”
Han Jiang nodded,Turned to the office。
“Han Jiang stayed。”The rest of the Hanjiang is one person,Ji is also called again。
Han Jiang http://www.power18.cn returned,Watching Ji asked:“Ji Miss,What else is there??”
Ji Zi thought,Find the native holy marks is a road,Han Jiang also wants to ask,Multiple selection of multiple guarantees。

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