“Zhongshu Hao Gao Bo Yi。”

“Tiger hero?Gao Dezheng?”
Lu Zhengsi carefully asked。
“Yes,Bohai brother to save people,Go back,Are you satisfied now??”
Gao Changyu,Go to the people who want to find the people to come over to a boat,Surrounded by Lu Zhengsi。
“Chinese book!”
The strength of his body is like being dried.,Unable to sit on the ground。
This position is very important,When the guy of the book,Become it will be extraordinary or earlier sooner or in the middle。For example, Yang Wei,Gao http://www.mnbhw.cn Dezheng,Unpatient life,In fact, it used to be a book.。
The petty minister of the high ocean,Will you fall??
Lu Zhengsi is in a deep fear。
NS122chapter Unspeak
“emperor,Siege so bloody,Chen Chen didn’t want to see it.。”
Li Shi slammed a few times in Gao Biyi,Coqudering。
“Loveless,Look at it,This is Chang’an City.,Let it go here,The 朕 业 will set it up.。”
Gao Baoyi has a hand of Li Shini,While holding a sword, I referred to the big city in front of my eyes.:“Soldiers,Who is the first to attack the city,Wanjia Hou!Hahahahaha!”
He is arrogant,did not expect,I don’t know where to get a soldier.,Pulled a pot of Washing Water in Gao Bi sitting on the dragon chair,Loudly:“Faint,You will die for me.!”
water!Under the body is water,The stomach in the throat is water,Heaven and earth is all water!
“Cough!”Gao http://www.senanplastic.cn Bao can’t help but cough。
He struggled to climb up,The sky has not been black,Left river,On the right, it seems to be the edge of the forest.,Not far away is the mountain,Black seems to be a little horrible。
It turned out that it was a dream.!
“I probably rushing which tributary came.。”Looking at the light, there is only one trousers, special for yourself.,Gao Bao made a tremble。
Where is this?,Will not come to survive in the wild?,Be dead,Only May day now.!
“Ha ha ha ha,Such a handsome little lady,God is really open, I’m cheap, my old king.!I don’t know if I will die tomorrow.!”
Will not be the Lajia’s little lady?,He is,Trouble-up woman。
I don’t want to know what the story is.,Gao Baoyi cat is slowly close,Young woman lying on the floor is not far away,The person who is suspected of being suspected of wretched men blocked some can’t see it.。
However, the wet clothes have been broken.,It is estimated that there is no need to blocked.。
The girl seems to be alive.,It will be gently blocked from time to time.,But probably has been in a coma?
Maybe it is hurt.,Gao Bao is not clear。
She stood in front of a short middle-aged middle-aged middle age wearing cyan,Take your own clothes。
What will happen?,I can think of it with my feet.。
Discuss,Gao Bao really feels that he is a more than troubleman.。Um,He has always wondered a salted fish.。
If the route is the West Wei,Maybe he really goes with Yang Zhong.。
Lose a waist,The scene that appeared in the brain,Slowly close,Stand breathing。Gao Bao suddenly shot,The left hand lightning is generally pinching the neck of the person。
Left hand,Gao Boyi’s only place in the common people,Is his left arm left hand,The power is far more flexible than the right arm right hand.!
“Be awkward!”
Cervical fragmentation sound,The person is incredible,I haven’t seen Gao Bo Yi yet,Soft fell。

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