I am building a six security company,It means that the sixth http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn road represents the six reincarnation,Develop new order,But even your own woman can’t protect it.。

“Do not,I can’t defeat,I am the true meaning of the true point.!”Lin Feng in this moment, the life and death crisis,He not only wisdom。
On the contrary, his heart is more tough。
The big heart of the original crazy,Fast speed,It seems to surpass one limit,Reached a new beginning。
The true gas of his body is crazy.,Intrava,His breath rising,Almost lightning is three times。
“Then I killed you first.。”Big flying cold voice,He is like a killing,Kill decisive,A punch waves to the heart of Beckham。
This boxing is far-off,No slightest drag。
Bechang, the opportunity of the escalation of the dodge,She is in the darkness of Buddha.,despair,I have never been desperate like this.。
“sorry,Lin http://www.chaoke365.cn Feng,Can’t accompany you。”Becai Xueyin’s heart rises such a thought。
Seeing this boxing when this fist,A tall figure is blocked in front of Beckham,The owner of this shadow is not someone else,It is Lin Feng。
Lin Feng once again played,The same is to shoot the magic hand。
But the strength is three times more power than before.,Powerful triple,And Lin Feng discovered that the movement of the flying is slower in his eyes.,Originally he just barely saw clearly,But now you can see clearly。
A spare sound,Lin Feng was in the river of this boxing。
Amazing voice sounded,He did not think of Lin Feng, who had lost its combat power, was a miraculous rise.。
“You broke through?”The big flying eyes stared at Lin Feng Road.。
“Thank you for your progress,Big fly。”Lin Feng cold road,His figure is http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn stronger,Skyrocketing,Finger,Only my alone。
It’s like a lightning, it rushed to the big flight.,A slap taking a big flying cheek。
Big flying has never been so desirable,This forest actually went directly to him.。
I thought that I fly a punch to Into Lin Feng.,Just when this punch is still in the future,A red powder broke out from Lin Feng’s palm,Surpanded on the face of the big flight,With the taste of the nose。
Big flying should not be so much,A punch above these red powders。
If it is fascinated by these pepper powder,He can be planted here today.,Become a laughter of the whole city。
Suddenly these red powder is opened by a big flying。
But more terrible crisis outbreak,Lin Feng took a table,From the sky, I will squatted to the head of the big flight.。
“Roar!”Big flying,A punch is smashed on the table。
Suddenly a table。
“Pour it down to Laozi,Big fly,Calculate you unlucky!”Lin Feng’s cold voice sounded,He is another hand with a bag of lime powder,This lime powder is used by the store owner.。
Just seen by Lin Feng。
Lin Fengqi is holding the pain of the finger fracture,Caught this bag of lime powder and smashed the head of the big flight.,This suddenly used the hardships of Lin Feng.。
Easy to grasp,The opportunity of Damai Dodia is not。
His arrogance is crazy.。
When I touched the head of the head,This bag of lime powder suddenly exploded,The white powder will flood the figure of the big flight.。

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