A sentence。

All world scenes disappear,He still exists with a blurred.,And Zhouzi Station in the virtual。
The second sentence is almost unclear。
The world completely disappears。
When you wake up, you will call out a breath.,He is aware of his eyes.,Shortness of breath。
The sound of the 槐 压 低 着 身 身:“You wake up again?”
Zhouzhi has never returned to God,He is in peace、Conquering the chaos in the brain,Side asked:“You haven’t slept yet?”
“Woke up。”槐。
“Woke up?”Zhou http://www.longshengxieye.cn repeat。
“What did you dream??”Zhou。
“Dream of Minggong。”
“what happened?”
“The mirror area has created a complete one,A complete Ming Gong,When he looks, I know that I am from the future.,he tells me……”序 sound is getting lower and lower,“He said that I am will definitely suffer a lot.。After I woke up。”
“Me too。”
“The same to you?!”
“……”The memory of Zhou Zhi is not scattered.,Imitate the words of a mating,And ask 槐,“What does it mean?”
“This is a long time ago,He asked what you called.。”
“……This sentence?”Zhouzhi repeat。
“he asks,You are from the mirror area.?”槐 序 顿 顿 顿,Explain,“He sees the degree of spiritual power on your body.,Then you are definitely from the next era.。He knows that he is fake.,It is the fake of the mirror area.,He is too strong,In this case, the mirror area will http://www.planetflower.cn soon crash.,So you will wake up soon.。”
“……This sentence。”Zhou Ying continues to imitate。
“I can’t hear it.,You are not like,Let me think about……”槐 is silent,Uncertain way,“It seems to be what the future of your future is like.。”
“……”Zhou Sheng continued。
“He said,”槐 顿 顿,“Looking forward to the next real meeting。”
“This way.……”
Zhouzhi is almost self-speaking whisper,He is still in mind。
This is like a conversation that spans remote time and space.,Unimaginable,Among them, the strong dreams and a weird romantic color make his heart instantly beat.。
“Why don’t he come to me??”槐。
“do not know。”
Since then, I have no talk.,I don’t know when I am asleep.,This time he is as wishing,When I returned to my grandfather, I scared his old man.,I have spent a lot of convinced of his old man.,Then start http://www.fssylf.cn chatting,Only a national and world pattern of a small party,He heard the chicken。
At first he thought it was a neighbor’s family,But the chicken has a few sounds.,He woke up from the dream。

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