He also wants tough。

really want。
But tough。
I have played a lot of calls.,Contact Many acquaintances。
As a result, his heart is constantly falling.,I finally sorted to the bottom of the valley.。
No one is willing to help。
No one sells his face。
He is Zhangjia’s master,Businessman。
So immediately realize,The family who interrupted his son,More than your face。
The key is that others are in the southwest,Many people’s energy,Can’t go deep into Su Hang at all。
He even hits the phone into several families in Beijing.。
However, let him fall into a huge shock.。
Still a families with a more good relationship,Tell him the summer background。
Summer red brother,Lingyun Group’s true chairman,Ming people’s son,Mei Jiashun……And nine big hegens!But this is not the most important。
It is important that the white family and ancient house in the six super-giants in Beijing,They are all destroyed by him.。
As for those families in Suhang Qinghai and other places,It was also afraid that I was afraid when I was very early.。
No wonder no one helps to shoot。
When you know these messages,Zhang Cheng also shocked and angry,More is the fear and fear of the heart。
He is not afraid of this person in summer。
But this is too coincidental.。
Really afraid what come?!Today’s Zhangjia,There is no surface on the surface and confidence。
Because this time,All the business of Zhangjia has been huge。
All partners,I would rather compensate huge defaults,Also want to relieve http://www.zowdoors.cn relationships with Zhangjia。
There are many people in Zhangjia.,Because various problems are investigated by relevant departments。
simply say,Today, Zhang family has reached the precarious situation.。
“Summer,This thing is that the dog is wrong.,I apologize to you for him.。”
Whether it is a businessman,Still for your son,Zhang Cheng’s influence is calculated.,“Since the dog offers a summer,Then please summer will teach him for me.,As long as you are not dead,How is summer?。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Some accidents。
He just want to talk,However, at this time,His phone suddenly rang。
See the above number,Summer eyes have emerged again,When the mobile phone of Zhang Haoran is thrown to each other。
And he stood up,Line connected,At the same time。
Take a touch,Summer snow,“Stinky boy,I don’t give my old lady in half a year.,Is it that the http://www.ctigaojie.cn old lady is dead?。”
Summer touch the nose,Dry cough,Accelerate the footsteps,This is said,“I have been seeing you some days.。”
“Hum,Every time I know to lie to me.。”
Xia Xue has no good sound,Not too real,Skip topic,“You hit a kid called Zhang Haoran.?”
Summer laughs,“I didn’t expect the energy of Southwest Zhang’s energy.,I have found your head.。”
“Play well!”
Xia Xue suddenly took a sentence。

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