The fog is coming! Nine gust in the southern suburbs of Urumqi, November 17

  Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily News (Reporter Yu Mengfan report) Say goodbye to the foggy weather yesterday, Urumqi City is cloudy, the highest temperature is 5 ° C, the lowest temperature -3 ° C, urban area 4 to 5 southeast wind, There are 9th southeast gust in the southern suburbs, please pay attention to prevent falls.

  Most of the wealth is mainly based on sunny or cloudy weather, and the wind is not large. There are small snow in the northern and eastern mountains of Altai, and the local is in heavy snow. Some areas of the northern part of the Tacheng area, the west of Altai, the eastern part of the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, including the Dongfeng Ding, the Ma Yichen, Mali Tasfeng District, Altai Regional storm 9 ~ 10.

  The road sections affected by the 9th to 10th southeast gust: G3015 line is sensitive to the iron plant segment, S201 line Marts style, S221 line Tori old air, S319 and S229 line Altai sea breeze section, G30, A band in the G312 line. In some areas of Northern, there were foggy weather yesterday. Many newborn drivers were more difficult to drive in the fog, especially in terms of lighting.

When you encounter your foggy weather during the driving, you have to open the double flash and fog.

What needs to be reminded is that foggy can’t turn on the high beam. Because the design of the high beam is light, it is easy to scatter in the foggy day, and the high beam will cause the scattered rare group in front of the driving person, a snow white, but instead see the front. In addition to the light, you should use a good speaker. Due to the low visibility, the speaker is very penetrating in the air, and the spread of the sound represents a car in front.

You can also remind the pedestrians on the road to have a car, pay attention to avoid.

Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the speed limit, control the distance, do not change the lane freely.

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