Shandong Yantai Town Street also has "big data"

  The grassroots work opens the new model of wisdom, and Yantai Town Street has "big data".

In order to promote large data applications to the grassroots level, fully support the town street work, Shandong Yantai City Big Data Bureau, on the basis of full investigation, relying on the city’s integrated large data platform, built in the four districts of Zhifu District Town Street Integrated Data Platform ", which is the first in the country.

  Zhen Street has accumulated a large number of residents, enterprises, and government affairs and other fields of data, which can most reflect the status quo and mass needs of grassroots levels, and is also an important support for government services, social governance and scientific decisions.

However, since there is no unified data platform to manage it, these precious raw data are dispersed in a zero zero dispersion device, which cannot be effectively utilized and fully shared. In response to this situation, this year, Yantai City Big Data Bureau has pioneered "Town Street Integrated Data Platform".

"We selected some town streets to carry out data resource censuses, establish standardized data aggregation, sharing, open directory, construction specifications unified, dynamically updated, authoritatively published grassroots government data resource system." Yantai Municipal Big Data Bureau 4th level researcher Wang Xiaoguang introduced that these data, including the population, geography, legal persons, education, public utilities of the town street, comprehensively reflect the basic situation of town streets, which can be used as the basic data of various departments, or through the city integration big data Platform sharing exchange, as public data is open to the whole society. It is understood that the "Town Street Integrated Data Platform" was initiated in the early November. At present, the Big Data Bureau of Yantai City has conducted pilot work in the development zone, Zhifu District, Lai Mountain, Longkou City, and has achieved good results.

According to statistics, the pilot town street has an average of more than 5,000 basic data, and accepts 204 upper-level return data. There are more than 200 data reports to achieve internal sharing and epidemic data, and the real-time data query is realized. It is strongly supported towns. Getrochemical and on the report.

  Wang Xiaoguang introduced that "the integrated data platform" of the town street focused on the reduction of the grassroots, and the first entrepreneurship, focusing on the construction management, report sharing module. This module can form all business units to unified collection management of various statements in various business departments in the village, civil affairs, judicial, urban management, employment, pension, new agriculture, megring, employment, pension, agriculture, gridization, and form an internal data sharing in the town street. Mechanism, driving data in an orderly sharing between the business units, reaching an investigation, multi-multiplexing effect, reducing the grassroots staff report to fill in the pressure. "The report is too abuse, data repeat, and multi-headed is the pain point for street data.

Zhao Tingting, deputy director of the Economic Development Office, Le Laushan District, told reporters that the beginning of the establishment of the street comprehensive data platform since November 18 this year, the cumulative basis 5254, and all departments of the town street can upload the report to the platform. , Unified management, dynamic update, real-time sharing.

These data play a very critical role in the process of prevention and control, safety production, etc. With more and more internal data in the town street, the city and regional data departments will open the "jurisdiction list" function module. At the same time, Yantai Municipal Big Data Bureau will also combine the "Chief Data Representative" system in the town street to promote implementation in the city.

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