Qixian launches weak electric cable special governance to help civilized cities

  [Hebi News Network News – Hechong Media Reporter Chen Jing] In order to rectify "line chaos", eliminate "air hidden dangers", Qixian adopt a number of measures to force the special governance action of weak electric cable, and have achieved phased results.

This is what the reporter learned from the "Sixth City Lianchuang" work leading group from Qixian County.

  In the governance action, Qi County "Six City Lianchuang" office, the county civilized city creation office continued to hold 3 coordination promotion meetings, forming a special governance comprehensive coordination supervision team.

In accordance with the idea of ??point, there are more prominent roads that have been more prominent in 6 problems such as Hai Middle Road, and Haihai Road, which are targeted. In response to problems such as cable belonging, the joint coordination of the division of labor will be held in a timely manner, compaction responsibility, clear mission, and division of labor and cooperation. At the same time, the county adopts the combination of online lines to accelerate the promotion of special governance. Online, the county "Six City Lianchuang" office staff specializes in the establishment of WeChat group, forwards the work notice and requirements, notification work progress and dynamics; underline, strengthen supervision and guidance, and do one day check, one day, Ensuring things through the night, at the same time, according to the construction principle of "new lines into the ground, the old line, the scrap line demolition", the guiding responsibility unit focuses on the cable bundle of the cable, and the cable can enter the ground as soon as possible. Unable to remove or bundle it as soon as possible.

  At present, the special rectification of the North side of Taikang Road has been completed. The southern rectification tasks have been completed; the Hongqi Road picks the stars and the 107 national highway cable demolition or bundling treatment, 107 National Road, Western cable rectification mission Half half; sea midway, Hai Zhongshi Road, after the sea road has been recycled, and the new cable is accelerating.

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