Open is not stopping the new road

Original title: Opening is not stopping boldly new road "People’s Daily" (November 29, 2022) "Hainan self-trade-out construction has brought a good development environment, we apply for 300 bottles of pharmaceutical products quickly Customs clearance.

"Looking at" lifemaking medicine "successfully customs clearance, Hainan Aged Medical Industry Development Co., Ltd. Cardiovascular Medical Center Dean Yue Honglin’s satisfactory smile," Previously licensed drugs is a batch of one person, average every time I have been approved, today, now As long as it is a non-first approval of drugs, it can be approved as a one-time batch. The patient does not have to wait for queuing.

"With the open policy advantage of Hainan Boao Le City International Medical Tourism, the first-age company enjoys further simplified clinical imported drug examination and approval policies, and the efficiency of drug adjustment is greatly improved. At the same time," Put "" Pipe "in the first line. Create data sharing, unified and convenient franchise traceability management platform, continuously observe and trace the physical condition and safety of patients.

In 2013, the State Council agreed to establish a procedure for the establishment of Hainan Boao Le City International Medical Tourism Anti-region, accelerated 9 first trial preferential policies in medical devices and drug import registration, let 20 square kilometers of land becomes high-end Medical investment hot soil.

After the implementation of the policy known as "Nine Articles" by Hainanese, the first line has quickly created more than 10 "National First Cases" in the application of international medical new drugs, new equipment and new technology.

The open gate is getting bigger. In 2018, the Party Central Committee supported Hainan gradually explored, and steadily promoted the decision of the construction of Chinese characteristics free trade portraits to send reforms in Le City.

In 2019, the upgraded version "National Nine" – "Implementation Plan on Supporting the Construction of Boao Living Zone International Medical Tourism" gives "greater reform and opening up autonomy. "Greater sovereignty is innovative applications and industries.

Yan Lukai, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Le City, told reporters that the upgraded version of "Nine" has higher gold, further compressing global innovative drugs into the Chinese market.

As of November 15th, the first application of the country in Le City has broken through more than 180 cases, and there is a new first breakthrough almost every week. Medical Tourism Pioneer Area is a micro-trade building construction. "In terms of international investment, the single window integrates 13 approval departments, the 234 investment related business of 20 government systems, and foreign investment companies have reduced 55% of the application materials, and the approval time is reduced by 70%." Once in Hainan Provincial Committee Dong Tao, a cadre of the deep-reform office, introduced that Hainan’s self-trade-Hong Kong construction overall programs have been released, Hainan has integrated and innovated the system, the highest level of the highest level of the world, boldly trial, bold, self-change, and promote Hainan Trade and Hong Kong Construction Successfully Opening, flourishing. The construction of trade-wide construction has driven new breakthroughs in the economic and social development of Hainan. "New enterprises, actually utilize foreign capital, introduce talents, exemption from the island, etc., all achieve double.

Dong Tao said that every Hainan people struggled with the spirit of "", "creation", "dry" style efforts to hand over the more bright transcripts.

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