"Wisdom Mianzhu" brings convenience

Enterprise intelligence. Mianzhu City Rong Media Center is now, people living in Mianzhu, Sichuan, can feel the convenience of digital, networked, and wisdom public services to production and life.

Artificial intelligence, 5G and other new generation information technology, also let all walks of life have changed the earth.

The 14th Party Congress of Mianzhu City put forward, in-depth implementation of "Internet +" "Digital +" action, accelerate the promotion of 5G, fiber optic ultra-wideband "double Gigabit" network, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, big data system construction, promote traffic , Energy, water conservancy, education, health, public safety, social governance, etc. Intelligent upgrade, expand new infrastructure application space, and empower "wisdom Mianzhu" construction.

In Huaxi Mianzhu Hospital, the self-service registration, the payment of the end of the terminal, the public is easy to apply for business, or moving the finger on the self-service machine, or moving the finger through the mobile phone, check the report query, one-click payment. "I have been waiting for a long time before, I have been waiting for a long time. Now, I want to see which doctor, I will make an appointment on the app on the app, the ‘Internet + medical service’ of the hospital is really realized.

"Mr. Zhang, Mianzhu Citizen, is amazed at today’s wisdom medical services.

The Internet is extended to make medical care "."

In Huaxi Mianzhu Hospital Radiology, Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital experts are using 5G dual gigabit + remote CT scan assistant to remotely CT scan for multi-patients in Mianzhu, they can understand the patient in real time, and guide , Operation and diagnosis.

"5G remote real-time operating consultation system breaks through time and space limit, so that Mianzhu patients enjoy convenient medical services from the medical association at home," said the relevant personnel of Huaxi Mianzhu Hospital, 5G network is applied to remote CT scanning, Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital experts can see all images and data on the same screen through the computer, and can also remotely manipulate the equipment of the Hua Western Mianzhu Hospital, which can ensure that the data generated by the image data is more accurate, with one-button access, check Cloud, scanning control, efficient interaction and other functions.

"Huaxi Mianzhu Hospital 5G remote real-time operating consultation system" is the vivid practice of deepening 5G application promotion in our city, to create a vivid practice of ‘5g + smart medical’.

Feng Qizhang, the general manager of Mianzhu Municipal Industry and Information Bureau, introduced in-depth study in Mianzhu City, and implemented the spirit of the 14th Party Congress in Mianzhu City, the Municipal Industry Information Bureau will strengthen coordination, strengthen the maintenance of elements, and speed up the construction of openness, coordination. The 5G industry development pattern is shared, and the contribution to the high-quality development of Mianzhu economy. The 14th Party Congress of Mianzhu City proposed to promote the construction of smart parks, carry out intelligent factory, intelligent warehousing, digital workshop pilot demonstration, advancement Key process intelligent, key post robots, key process optimization control, continuously enhance intelligence urban construction capacity and intelligence management level.

Previously, Rechi Steering workers needed to use paper and pen real-time record production. Now, online order, system transmission, data real-time update … Intelligent production process boost companies achieve high and rapid development. Feng Yue, general manager of Rising Tuiti, has its own understanding of "smart enterprises".

"We make the company’s production management, science and technology research, marketing sales, increase the adhesion of our customers, and help the company accelerate the development of the company.

"Feng Yue introduced that in June this year, Rechi Tuiwei officially launched the" smart enterprise "construction, the company will keep up with the pace of the times, actively promote" smart enterprises ". Understanding, in the future.

In Mianzhu, there have been more and more companies to recognize the importance of intelligent transformation and upgrading, they fully integrate informationization to enter into the company’s production, management and sales, effectively solve the enterprise in daily production, sales, management, and services. Many of the problems such as operations, realize business intelligence production, wisdom sales, intelligence management, smart service and wisdom communications, promote the rapid development of enterprises, and promote "smart transformation". "The spirit of the fourteenth party congress in the city indicated the forward direction of Mianzhu in the next five years. We will speed up the spirit of development and integration of innovation, strengthen the development of wisdom, and accelerate the construction of smart city." Mianzhu The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Human Computer Bureau said they will develop as the intelligent industry into the intensive point, focus on key data, industrial Internet, intelligent terminal, artificial intelligence, "non-contact" economy, etc., vigorously develop 5g + industry, 5G + agriculture, The digital economy represented by the 5G + medical industry, 5G + smart tourism and other industrial systems, forming a new ecology of intelligent industries, achieving high quality development of economic and social. (Shen Pear) (Edited: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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