Promote the high quality development in the middle area (sound)

  Liu Qi resumes responsibility, defending the soil responsible, defending the soil.

As long as it is a matter of careful to the party, it is bold to do, do not avoid contradictions, do not promote the responsibility of Xi Jinping General Secretary, in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi requires Jiangxi to fully implement party central decision-making deployment, "strive to speed up the revolutionary old area High quality development demonstration, in promoting the rise of the rise of the central region. " In July of this year, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have issued the "Opinions on High Quality Development in the New Era". We have to remember the General Secretary of Near Ping, I’m trying to enhance the sense of mission, grab the development opportunities, play the advantages of the characteristics, and work hard to promote the high-quality development of the central part, describe the new era of Jiangxi reform and development new paintings .

  The eye decides the realm, the pattern determines the end, and the ideas decide to go out. In promoting high quality development in the middle area, we must plan and promote all work with a wider vision, greater pattern, higher standards.

To further emancipate the ideology, the "two big political", the heart is "the big people", and we must break through the dependence of the traditional path, and be good at breaking the limitations of the frame box, and resolutely overcomes the mentality, and the mentality, the mentality, and always maintain the spirit. Fighting the spirit, attacking the spirit, bravely "to the good learning, strong ratio, to high climbing", strive to create new era of new era.

  The mission reminded that the actual party is trying.

In the high-quality development of the middle region, the key must be done. We must take the momentum of the shackles, who is the responsibility of myself, only to the strength of the evening, vigorously promote the spirit of "nail", keep the toughness of the iron, tell the truth, trick, do real things, General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important indication of the important instructions and the deployment of party central decision-making. It must be implemented, one piece, to ensure that the work is implemented, and it is effective. In particular, we must vigorously advocate the "First-line Working Law", carry out investigation and research, and focus on solving practical problems, and use our actions with our actions with comrades.

  At present, economic and social development faces a lot of challenges, and promoting high-quality development in central regions, there are many hardcuffs to be 啃.

We must maintain a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, responsible, responsible, responsible for the bank, dare to take, active as, doing in practice, mountain opening, in the water, walking well, take a new era Resolutely be responsible for defending, defend the soil responsibility, defend the soil.

As long as it is a matter for the party, it is necessary to make a bold, do not avoid contradictions, don’t push responsibility, and I can’t just want to be the official, I don’t want to be officer, I just want to take the Ranger. It is necessary to adhere to the standard of cadres, the trees are heavy, and the selection of people who have reached the performance, truly put those politics, dare to take care of the work, and the hard cadres are selected, they use it, let the business, can do business The cadres are respectful, encourage and use, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres.

Leading cadres at all levels should bear in mind the mission duties, always keep the back of the struggle, do every day, do everything, ensure that the work is continuous, and the development should not stop.

This is disciplinary requirements and is also the manifestation of partyality.

  - Liu Qi, secretary of the Jiangxi Committee, said in the 13th plenary plenary session of the provincial party committee (this reporter Zheng Shaozhong) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei).

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