"Team on the door" to send Lu Liang to carry out employment help activities

On November 12th, Zhang Yanjun, director of the party group, director of the Luliang City People’s Social Security Bureau, Zhang Yanjun, Director of the Municipal Rural Zhenxing Bureau, Zhang Yuli, deputy director, deputy director, member of the party member of the Stone District People’s Social Security Bureau, etc. The "Employment Service Team" consisting of people, in-depth entry into the Shanxi Dongtai Energy Group Co., Ltd. to carry out employment support activities, provide an employment policy interpretation, consultation and guidance of "three services". The Luliang people’s social department has learned the application of the company’s employment, the number of processes, the nation, and the difficulty of recruitment, and formulated the investigation form of the enterprise employment demand, further combing the post-lack of work and the number of people, and forming 3 departments. 150 The rest of the company, the list of business needs of the company in 2000-8000 yuan. At the same time, two kinds of recruitment service channels are proposed: in the "Luliang Man Talent Network" "The Window of the Rice" is set up in the recruitment area, give priority to the recruitment post information; take the lead in the county (city, district) human society, joint Civil Affairs Bureau, Retired Military Affairs Bureau, General Trade Union, Industry and Commerce, in this city, in this city, launching offline offline special job fairs.

Not only that, Luliang City, the two-level human society department of Lishi District and the city’s rural Zhenxing Bureau also identified 1 employment service specialist. In the future, the Dongtai Energy Group launched the employment service activities, key services include carrying out the management and guidance for enterprises. To provide enterprises to provide services for labor practices, market wages guidance, labor contract demonstration texts.

At the symposium, the "Employment Service Team" introduced Shanxi Province’s latest employment help policy and subsidy list, including entrepreneurial guarantee loan policies, enterprises, new employees and pre-job training subsidies, etc. 6 employment policies, and province The Human Social Hall, the Finance Department jointly issued 8 specific measures to strengthen employment to prevent the prevention of poverty of poverty due to disaster.

"This time we specialize in the customer’s home delivery service, it is to hoping through the two-level linkage of the city, collecting the services resources to the ‘team’, directly sending policies to the company, sending the service to the door, and the service enterprise ‘ The last km ‘. "Liu Zhiping said.

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