Promote high-quality development of China-non-cooperation (authority release)

  The 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum will be held in Senegal at the end of November. What new progress does China and non-economic and trade cooperation? How will the new forum conference helps high-quality development in China? At the press conference held on the 17th, the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the China-Non Cooperation Forum was focused on the Economic and Trade Work of the Easte Minister of China, and the deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce responded to the relevant issues. Since the establishment of the Beijing Summit, the China-Non Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit has closed, and the Ministry of Commerce will promote the high-quality implementation of "eight major actions", leading the influence of China-non-economic and trade cooperation, quickly retreat, and achieve new progress.

  Data show that from January to September this year, the Indicators of China and Non-Economic and Trade Cooperation present a comprehensive rise.

Among them, China-non-trade volume reached $ 185.2 billion, a year-on-year increase, reaching the highest level of historical episode.

China’s direct investment of billions of US dollars in non-industry, a year-on-year increase, has exceeded the same level in 2019 before the epidemic.

  In the face of the challenge of the epidemic challenge, the Central African Unity and Eppternal Special Summit is successfully held, and the key to cooperation is adjusted to health, recovery and replenishment and improve people’s livelihood, and the people who have caused people’s trains, with network promotion training, 14 of Africa Luban workshop carried out vocational training in the ground; actively expand the field of emerging cooperation, China’s e-commerce platform greatly enhanced African agricultural products in China, and behind the transcript, it is a unremitting effort in China.

"Qian Keming said that" eight actions "strongly supported economic and social development and people’s livelihood improvement in African countries.

The convening of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum will further condense the non-strategic consensus, which can sustainable, high-quality development, indicating the direction.

  Under the impact of the epidemic, both the middle and non-communities faced the dual pressure of anti-epidemic and stable economic.

Tax Keming said that the new forum meeting will continue to play a strategic leading role, cohesion consensus, pioneering and innovation, and promote high-quality development in China and non-cooperation.

  Chad Keming said that this session will focus on the development of African economic and social development and the new opportunities of the African economic and social development, covering the traditional field of China-in-laws, and supporting the development of African resumption as the main line, focusing on health impermatures, people’s livelihood poverty reduction and trade Investment and other fields, expand cooperation in emerging fields such as digital economy, green and low-carbon, vocational education. In addition, the meeting will encourage and support multi-sectoral, local, corporate, financial institutions, etc. During the conference, during the meeting, the secondary and non-cooperation of 2035 vision, "China-Non-cooperation," China-Non-cooperative medium- and long-term plan, laying the main framework of cooperation between the two parties, and further enhance the forward-looking in the forum new initiatives. Systematic and continuity.

  "In recent years, China has increased very fast from African agricultural products, and the average growth rate of 5 years reaches%.

China has currently become the second largest destination country for African agricultural products.

Next, China will continue to promote African countries and Chinese companies to use measures to further expand their imports from non-imports, and promote high quality development of traditional non-trade.

"Quekming said.

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