How is the kitchen hood and cabinet gap? How to smoke and the cabinet?

1. Usually the cabinets above the hoods are not all started, and the gap can be covered with the gap or the aluminum foil; the hood and the cabinet include the distance, the tile or the oil-proof stickers; can be along the cabinet The epitaxial, take the same color of the top plate. 2. When you haven’t started to install the cabinet, you should clear the site of the stove, the sink, and the kitchen cabinet in advance, so you can better install a beautiful and practical cabinet and ensure future normal use.

Normally, the spacing of the sink and kitchen should be near, so it is more convenient, and the sink also leaves the socket far and prevents the kitchen to use water. 3, the cabinet should also take into account the height in the design process, which is more convenient to use. If the user’s body is short, the cabinet is not designed too much. Otherwise, it will use special effort in the future, but it will not be too low, otherwise it is often going to do things, very tired.

4, in addition, the hood in the kitchen is also one of the indispensable electrical appliances, which can suck the cigarette generated in the kitchen, discharged to the outside, ensuring that the air of the kitchen is fresh. However, the use of hoods is not that simple, and it should be considered the layout inside the kitchen, and it should also be determined by the use of users.

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