Beijing SASAC garbage classification system performance prominent party members to participate in over 110,000 "barrels before duty"

Original title: State-owned state-owned enterprises over 110,000 party members to participate in "front bucket duty" May 1 this year, the new "Beijing solid waste management regulations’ implementation of full year. SASAC published data show that the whole system has nearly 510,000 cadres and workers in Beijing to sign a personal commitment garbage classification, signing rate of 100%, of which party people; participation in the community "bucket before duty" of cadres and workers in Beijing Dhawan people, the participation rate of 65%, which the party people. City Property Management tube 77 projects were awarded "Beijing garbage classification demonstration area" honor. Over the past year, SASAC conscientiously implement the municipal government and city leaders on the instructions of the garbage classification, classification advance under the umbrella of dispatching headquarters in the city of garbage, city management supervision and guidance enterprise push forward garbage classification, play an exemplary role in ensuring the implementation of garbage classification landing.

  SASAC attaches great importance to property management and garbage classification, Gongzuozhuanban set up by the party secretary, director headed, has two leaders headed by the deputy director-level supervision and inspection group to develop a state-owned "City City Commission supervision and inspection tube business of property management and garbage classification management program. "

Two supervision and inspection group of the city’s 186 residential property projects, parks, restaurants, supermarkets, transportation hubs and other places to carry out supervision and inspection. Property management and to promote garbage classification work effective implementation of system-wide, also owned 42 city management and implementation of enterprise work 52 city management companies owned property projects were examined. SASAC will garbage classification and normalization of property management and epidemic prevention and control combine to strengthen the regularly scheduled City management companies to these two tasks, requiring city management companies improve the working mechanism, vigorously implement and improve safeguards . Gongzuozhuanban established daily garbage classification system for the regular use of "SASAC briefing" on garbage management level municipalities tube corporate life ranking, and ranking of units outstanding work carried out by the comments, pushing the overall work effectively carried out.

  SASAC overall city management enterprise resource advantages in life garbage collection front-end, mid removal and disposal of the back-end, strengthening horizontal cooperation between enterprises, and actively play the whole category of city management companies in the city garbage classification, important in the whole chain effect.

For example, the first group to work closely with the city Gongxiaozongshe, the establishment of a community renewable resource recycling pilot project in Fengtai District, Fang City Park III, the implementation of high and low value recyclables recovered all categories, get community support and recognition. SASAC official said, the next step SASAC will continue to urge the guide tube City property management companies and neighborhoods and communities depth docking, step up publicity efforts to guide the management of the project area residents, improve garbage sorting the source consciousness and sub-residents picking amount; strict management station is responsible for trash, garbage improve the quality of secondary sorting, and jointly promote the effective landing garbage classification work.

V. That is the whole system will take office as the starting point, focusing on governance masses district garbage removal is not timely impact on the environment and other issues, improve service capabilities city management of property companies.

SASAC will guide the city management companies to keep summarizes the characteristics of work practices and highlights, selected tree typical demonstration work to strengthen the forward guidance, typical mining, spread positive energy, establish a number of industry benchmark. Jinyu Group to make intelligent trash classification has become habit.

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