Actively help promote private enterprises

  On May 26, Xiao Chao Yingying, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference greeted to Wuhu, in-depth investigation of private enterprises such as Squirrel Co., Ltd., Gree Electric (Wuhu) Co., Ltd., to understand the recovery, scientific research and development, long-term planning.

  Investigations pointed out that two companies face the pressure brought by the epidemic, can firmly confident, constantly innovate, and show a good competitive strength and development momentum.

To deliberately implement the decision-making deployment of the Central and Provincial Party Committee, focus on doing a good job in "six stable", implement the "six guarantees" mission, concentrate on solving the practical difficulties encountered by private enterprises, and stabilize the expectation, capitalization, and confidence Further stimulate the vitality and creativity of private enterprises.

To continue to optimize the business environment, focus on improving the market environment of fair competition, accurate and effective policy environment, equality protection of the rule of law, etc. Provide a more fair stadium and a broader stage.

The company must work hard to practice, improve the quality, and grasp the main business, and make an eye to innovate, ensuring that the market is unbeaten. (Reporter Nie Yangfei) (Editor: Ma Lingling, Guanfei).

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