Banan’s new regulations brothers and sisters, etc.

  Recently, the "Notice on Further Discount" Notice on Further Releases Entering the Limited Urban Settlement "(referred to as" Notice ") In four aspects, relaxing the restrictions of urban settlements to promote the development of the city of Banan and urban and rural integration.

  As the largest area in the main city, in recent years, Banan District has continuously deepened the reform of the household registration system, continuously released the conditions for setting up the town, reducing the threshold of the settlement, attracting agricultural transfer of population settled towns. In December 2019, Banan District was included in the list of national urban and rural integration development test zones, and the population migration system for establishing urban-rural ordered flow is one of the eight reform tasks in the region.

The "Notice" of this new introduction is to register accounts frequently and stabilize the employment, so that the ability to have the ability to stabilize employment in the town and the agricultural transfer population and reliability of the urban stable employment. The key crowds such as household registration should be fulfilled, cracking the population flow challenges in the constraints of Banan Chengxiang.

  The urban settlement category of this new regulation is divided into four major categories of family members to settle down, stabilize and settled, stable residence settled, other settles, etc., the staff, the active soldiers, the family members, family members, buy a set of housing, etc. It has been clearly refined.

  Compared with the past, new regulatory newly implemented four aspects of "relaxation", can have worry about residents to eliminate accounts from residents from Passenger’s entrepreneurship in Banan: First, family members are "relaxed".

The scope of the "straight relatives" is relaxed to "family members to invest", adding other close life nearby (ie brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, grandson, children); at the same time, children Parents, parents are no longer subject to age.

  The second is to stabilize the employment settlement "relax". Cancellation of the service workers’ business age and participation in this city’s pension insurance, the business is no longer limited by the 1 year limit, the migration is no longer limited by the 3 years and the restrictions of the city’s pension insurance. On the other hand, for talents developed in the coming area, the employees of the staff and state-owned enterprises have also opened "green lights", and their adult children who live together can also move.

  The third is to settle the residence to "relax". Relaxation of the purchase of complete sets of housing, canceling the original actual residential restriction, as long as the delivery is delivered, the adult child who is jointly living together can also move.

  The fourth is the address of the town settlement to select "relaxation". On the basis of the original range, the "unit where the community group is located" is added to settlement. "The introduction of this new rules are not only a big pioneering, but also an opportunity to promote the integration of the Household registration system." Wu Dynasty, deputy director of the urban and rural development center, Banan District, said that by relaxing the settlement policy, Farmers entering the city to settle, equal access to education, medical, pension, etc. After the town, it can also apply for low-rent housing according to conditions, and their own guarantees have also enhanced. At the same time, after entering the city, the agricultural transfer population, not only gathers a large number of people, but also brings new vitality for economic development. It is also conducive to better land-lived farmers, contracting land, and homestead, and other rural idle assets and other rural idle assets. Chongqing Daily Full Media Wang Xiang (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

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