Hunan Xiangjiang New District accelerated 18 projects in the second quarter of the new economy in the second quarter

People’s Network Changsha June 6th, on June 5, Hunan Xiangjiang New District held a centralized signing ceremony of "new starting point, new track, new economy" industry project in the second quarter, 18 surrounded by 18 investment consultants; Promoting the "business investment", help the new district economic development, and the new level of the "big do one hundred days" in the Xiangjiang New District of Hunan Province again.

As the first national new area in the middle of the China, Hunan Xiangjiang New District Self-launch, it is closely around the "three districts and a highland" strategic positioning, accelerates industry leadership and innovation drive; through the construction of emerging industrial projects, "new kinetic energy", Promoting the high quality of economic development is the way of development in Xiangjiang, Hunan Province. Watch this signing project, Hunan Xiangjiang New District accelerates the new economy to rush to follow: China Life property insurance technology support company will settled in Hunan Financial Center to Hunan Province, the first science and technology insurance branch; Qianxing City Network Safety Operation Service (Changsha ) Co., Ltd., positioned as a comprehensive operation of urban-level network security, China Headquarters; Huang Zhi Walking Network R & D and Central Operation Center Project is positioned as Zhongnan Regional Operations Center and Transportation Product R & D and Export and Export Center … Signing Project covers "2 + 3" new district features The intelligent automobile and artificial intelligence, modern finance, cultural tourism, high-tech service industry chain of advantageous industries, and add-end.

Based on the new starting point, grab the "wind", pretending the layout, and the modern industries that are rich in new districts are high. At the Hunan Xiangjiang New District, eight investment consultants were hired. They will introduce investment projects, introduce the investment environment, industrial policies, development key and investment promotion projects, and communicate their partners, and promote project cooperation; organization and Introduce domestic and foreign investors to visit, negotiate cooperation, participate in major investment activities; extensively collect domestic and foreign investment information, confess for the promotion of investment in China’s investment promotion. First batch of investment consultants, vice president of Tencent, Chairman, Chairman of Tencent Cloud Computing (Changsha), said: "With the industrial gathering, ecological construction, it will further enhance the permeability and fusion of software and information technology services, activation The local industrial vitality, help new district investment not only for duties, but also for my local points.

"In recent years, Changsha is closely around 22 emerging and pillar industry chains. He has introduced a large number of major projects, high scientific and technological content, and promotes the formation of millions of industrial clusters, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence. , Intelligent driving strategic emerging industries walk in the forefront.

Since the new district, "Dilding One hundred days to realize the two" competition activities, it has formed a craze of the project, promoting development, showing the speed of the economic heating speed, the speed of the project construction, speeding up the industry development, and the speed of service.

In the New Zone, the new zone is located 585. The annual plan is completed in January – May, in which the infrastructure project has completed annual plan%, the industrial project has completed the annual plan 48%. Zheng Jianxin, deputy secretary of Changsha Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, and Hunan Xiangjiang New District Party Work Committee, Zheng Jianxi, said: "The project of this signature is fully compliant with Changsha ‘Sanxi and Hi-Industrial Layout, fully reflecting entrepreneurship’s high recognition of Changsha industrial development and investment environment. It will definitely inject strong motivation for Changsha high quality development, providing strong support.

At the same time, I hope that all of the investment consultants can play the "think tank" role, become the bridge of resources, emotionally contacted the link, introduce more source live water for the high-quality development and modernization of Changsha, especially the new district, and inject greater power.

(Liu Wu) (Editor: Li Shusi, Tang Li Wei).

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