Agricultural Rural Department: Strengthening Management Comprehensive Investigation Germplasm Resources Cooperation Exchange Behavior

China’s new network on March 20th According to the website of agricultural rural parts, recently, the General Office of Agricultural Rural Ministry issued a notice on strengthening the management of crop germplasm resources. In order to further strengthen the management of crop germplasm resources, notice clearly, to effectively improve legal awareness, comprehensively investigate germplasm and cooperation exchange behavior, and do a good job in approval supervision according to law, and carry out training promotion. According to the notice, in recent years, as my country’s seed industry has accelerated the opening process, the cooperation between the crop germplasm resources is gradually increased, and it has strong promoted the development of agricultural and seed industry. However, there is a problem that individual units are weak, and there is a problem of violation of germplasm resources.

In 2019, the relevant state departments found that China Agricultural University signed a cooperation agreement with overseas agencies, involving research on my country’s maize germplasm resources, and the agricultural rural part has ordered its deadline. The notice is proposed to raise legal awareness. All localities have to learn from the Chinese Agricultural University without approval, and they will learn from the violations of the foreign institutional cooperation with foreign institutions. "Seed Law" stipulates that the state provides sovereignty in germplasm resources, any unit and individual provide germplasm resources to overseas, or carry out partnership with overseas institutions and individuals, and perform approval procedures according to law; violating legal provisions , Process according to law.

Agricultural rural departments at all levels, relevant units and individuals should enhance the concept of the rule of law, legal awareness, and persistence, and strict implementation of "seed law" and relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, comprehensively investigate germplasm resources cooperation exchange behavior. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation of relevant universities, research institutes, enterprises, etc. in germplasm resources, and use work, and use germplasm resources for the use of germplasm resources without approval to overseas. , The provincial agricultural rural departments should be stopped in time, and the situation is classified.

If the cooperation is benefited, the cooperation contract is complete, the application is not fulfilled, and the procedures shall be submitted within a limited period; if it is not compliant with the requirements of cooperation, it must be ordered to stop cooperation; for violation of the law, it should be handled according to law.

At the same time, the approval supervision is done according to law. All provincial agricultural rural departments should follow the laws and regulations such as "seed law", according to the "provision of" providing abroad "or carry out collaboration to the abroad" or to carry out cooperation research, the use of crops, edible bacteria, tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine Requirements, guidance, supervision, and proactive information of the approval of the Administration (see annex).

It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the matter and maintain a good order to maintain germplasm resources.

The notice also mentioned in-depth training promotion.

All provincial agricultural rural departments should focus on relevant agricultural colleges and colleges, research institutes, enterprises, organize the relevant laws and regulations of germplasm resources, and improve the law-abiding and ability of relevant personnel to learn the law, and work according to law. To learn and implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the Protection and Utilization of the State Council" (National Office [2019] No. 56), explore the development of germplasm resources protection and publicity week, reporter line, etc., strengthen promotional guidance, Create a good atmosphere for cooperative exchanges on germplasm resources according to law. Germplasm Resources Protection Units must implement subject responsibility, improve management systems, and effectively standardize germplasm resources cooperation.

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