Expert Committee bright network theory: Bamboo house

  [Introduction] Bamboo house experts, in August 1957 born in 1993, received his Ph.D. Renmin University of China, 2000 – In 2001 postdoctoral research fellow in Public Administration at Korea University and Korea Institute administration, in 2003, Harvard University Kennedy School of government as a visiting scholar.

Former associate professor of National School of Administration, Manzhouli assistant to the mayor Municipal People’s Government (attachment), now the National School of Administration Department of Research and Professor of Public Administration, Public Administration Department Director. [Curriculum vitae] served as Inner Mongolia University, Department of Philosophy, assistant professor, Department of Management, Capital Normal University lecturer, associate professor of the National School of Administration, Manzhouli assistant to the mayor Municipal People’s Government (attachment), now the National School of Administration Department of Research and Professor of Public Administration, Department of Public Administration Director, administration Director of China Research Association, China Natural Science Foundation of expert review group members, the State administration of Quality Supervision Center for human resources consultant. Philosophy Department of Nankai University in 1978 –1982 learning, graduate, bachelor’s degree in philosophy; 1984 – – 1986 study Philosophy Department of Renmin University of China, graduate school, master’s degree in philosophy; 1991 – – 1993 Department of Philosophy, Renmin University of China to learn Dr. graduate, doctorate of philosophy; 2000 – – 2001 administrative Korea Institute of Korea University and postdoctoral studies in public Administration do; in 2003 a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of government.

[] Academic work with a "quiet revolution", "Culture and Beyond", "ideological and political education", "moral education and evaluation", "moral values" theory, "foreign public administration theory featured", "foreign organizations Featured theory "and so on. The main point of view], "most of the system" reform first, "most of the system" reform of government institutions, the fundamental purpose is to reconstruct "the value of the government."

In general, there is no reasonable scientific organization in the form of national government agencies or, in a era of globalization and information technology, to solve the problem of public administration there is no clean-cut, norms organizational guarantee, there is no efficient way to manage economic and social . So if modern government reform in general or macro value orientation is to establish a "clean, cheap, efficiency, effectiveness," the government, then in the current stage of development in their specific values, it is to create an effective "macro regulation, market supervision, social management and public service "oriented government. On this sense, "most of the system" reform, carried out by our purpose is not simply merge institutions, staff reductions, significantly reducing the number of government agencies and personnel, not a single pursuit reduce "the cost of government" but to establish the value of a clear government agencies, to adapt to the "social modernity" requirements "consistent with responsibilities and rights," the government, the government has a "modern government," the basic quality, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government. Secondly, the "most" system reform, the spirit of government agencies is to achieve "effective separation of powers." The government "can stop or tube well," the transfer or delegation of public affairs, the government can move forward with ease, pipe and must be able to manage their tubes good thing. Correct understanding and interpretation of rational reform of China’s modernization process of social reality of the situation at this stage, is the basic premise for China in the next 30 years of development and implementation of strategic path "top-level design". We are concerned with the "autonomous man" enhanced social reality a "complex diversity," "interest demands a sharp differentiation" social class, the future of social development presents great uncertainty, the public’s point of view or opinions scene and "consensus" in the continuing loss situation, we can reconstruct the development of human civilization consistent with the purpose of "socialist reform" and "theoretical system" and by progressive under the guidance of this theoretical system reform, and gradually achieve the purpose of the development of socialism, and socialism as the basic choice progress of human civilization. Admittedly, the information technology revolution and the whole human civilization into a "risk society" is consistent, rapid modernization of Chinese society is also put us into a "risk society", uncertainty enhance the reform and development. Hinder a correct understanding of the reform and development of key areas and key links, and through deepening reform to eliminate resistance to change, the reality of uncertainty in the future in his mouth a certainty, is our current extremely urgent task. People are the main review of the history of reform and opening up 30 years of reform, the reason why we have made tremendous achievements in economic development, due to the strong desire to comply with the requirements of our people "out of poverty", the successful establishment of a socialist market economic system the system puts the people to become "the main market activity", effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of the people actively and consciously involved in economic development, achieve unprecedented national prosperity.

Looking ahead to a period of reform, especially in the next 5–10 years of reform focal point, a critical aspect is to keep the community "structural stability."

Structural stability refers to the stability achieved through equitable distribution of benefits, is to achieve public satisfaction of "psychological stability."

Past development experience shows that only social structural stability to ensure the sustainable development of society.

To achieve this, is to adapt to the new contradictions and new problems arising from the new phase of the new period, in accordance with the requirements of core values and constitutional principles of socialism, continue to adhere to "reform the main" people’s status, to further promote the political-administrative system, effective and orderly expansion of the "political participation" of the people, truly "right to vote, the right to information, participation, expression and supervision rights" of the people, the progressive realization of the socialist political ideals of "popular sovereignty", so that people really "masters."

Complex contemporary world civilization development experience has shown that when economic or production problems increase with the arrival of material wealth and material satisfaction of lost time urgency, distribution, and consumption has become "social reproduction" of the key, while virtuous circle "of social systems "sustained and stable development of society or just rely on social benefits" equitable distribution. "

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