Lhasa Huancheng Road String Economic Development Circle

Lhasa Liuwu Wanda Plaza.

Figure/Reporter Liu Fan has been connected to the surrounding counties since the completion of Lhasa Huancheng Road, forming a half -hour urban circle centered on the city of Lhasa, which effectively drives the better and faster development of the economy along the route.

Recently, the reporter visited eastward from the Lhasa River from the Lhasa River to the east along the Lhasa River. Now, the bridge such as Liuwu Bridge, Yingqi Bridge, Jiqu Bridge, and Nakin Bridge connects the new economic and social development on both sides of the Lhasa River.

  The effective connection of the Lhasa Ring City Route East Ring Road, Beihuan Line, West Ring Line, and Nanhuan Line has become a whole, forming a loop economic ring, connecting the Lhasa City Chengguan District, Education City, Doulong Deqing District, Liuwu New District, Dazi District and other areas to form a piece To achieve the overall development of new and old urban areas, urban and rural areas, and achieve an important purpose of optimizing urban functions and environment. At the same time, it has further expanded urban development space, effectively alleviated the problem of urban traffic congestion, improved the efficiency of urban transportation, and facilitates the production and life of the general public.

  The Economic Circle of the Ring Road includes the Tibetan Cultural Tourism Creative Park, Liuwu Wanda Plaza, Donzhu Financial Industrial Park, Cai Gongtang Township, Ci Juelin, Logistics Park, Red Star Macalline and so on. Since the construction of Tibetan Cultural Tourism and Creative Park in China, all projects in the park have given priority to the participation of the local masses and maximize the vital interests of the local people.

The Tibetan Cultural Tourism Creative Park in China not only allows more than a thousand villagers to truly eat "tourist rice". Its employment capacity is as high as 30,000 to 50,000 people. Essence It is understood that the total investment of "Princess Wencheng" base construction project can accommodate more than 3,000 people at the same time watching and leisure at the same time, and the total construction area of ??the performance venue is square meters.

Since the project was officially launched on August 1, 2013, more than 200 people participated in each performance, and more than 600 people participated in the construction of the park project, and the income increase effect was obvious. "My daughter often participates in the performance, and there are more than 100 yuan a night.

The villagers said happily, "Our family is here, and her daughter can go home after get off work, and has a good income. "Wanda Plaza, located in Nakin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, has a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters. It is currently the largest business center in Lhasa. 75 brands settled in Lhasa for the first time, including many international trend fashion brands.

The carefully created "Tea Horse Ancient Road" catering theme block concentrated 47 unique food brands, becoming a new food punch place in Lhasa.

The completion of the square fills the gap in Tibet’s lack of large modern business centers, enhances the commercial level of Lhasa, and promotes the development of Lhasa’s consumer economy.

Add 4,000 new urban employment positions to Lhasa, create stable taxes every year, and achieve the unity of economic and social benefits. "Our family lives next to the municipal government, and often comes to Wanda to eat and shop. It feels particularly convenient. It is for children to play in the entertainment area on the third floor of Wanda. Children also like to come here." Lhasa citizens said. The Tibet Plateau Cold Chain Logistics Port opened in May 2021. At present, the logistics park is the largest and most professional cold chain market in Tibet, which improves quality and efficiency for the "vegetable basket" in the region.

The total construction area of ??the project is 80,000 square meters, with a total investment of 500 million yuan, and a total land is 56610 square meters. It started in August 2018. All projects were completed and accepted and tried in the end of May 2021.

The project accurately assisted 150 households to build card households to provide nearly 500 jobs for local people. There is a sick mother who lives in the Yangji family in the Dragon Deqing District and a child who is in elementary school. Her husband works in Shigatse, and her family takes care of her alone. "Now she can go home every day to take care of her mother and child. It is very convenient to get to get off work in the chain flow. It can get more than 4,000 yuan per month. It feels very satisfied.

"Yang Ji said. In Lhasa Liuwu Wanda Plaza, functions such as" eating "," drink "," play "," music "," buy ", and other functions. , Promoting consumption improvement. The opening of Lhasa Liuwu Wanda Plaza has also further improved the urban function of Liuwu New District, enhanced the commercial quality of the city, broadened the supply space for consumption. positive effects.

Lhasa Liuwu Wanda Plaza will also become a new window to show the high -quality development of Lhasa. After years of development, now, the "three -hour comprehensive transportation circle" and "two -hour economic circle" centered on Lhasa have basically formed. Good and fast development. (Responsible editor: Li Wenzhi).

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