How to solve the uneven educational resources in the context of "double reduction"

Regarding the introduction of the "double reduction" policy to promote the balanced development of education, Ma Yongwu believes that for the educated, the knowledge they learned after the "double reduction" is more diversified, including personality moral education and cultural cultivation, cultural cultivation Education, knowledge and skills education, and education and training in life habits.

Ma Yongwu emphasized that the "dual reduction" policy is a reshaping of the ecological ecology and the return of education concepts and the nature of education. The essence of education is lifelong learning, the education of equality of the whole society, and at the same time it should also encourage personalized development and personalized education. "We hope that the education of the whole society is a more open system." Ma Yongwu said.

At present, the implementation of the "double reduction" policy requires family, campus and society. Ma Yongwu said that Tencent, as a social force, is also actively supporting the implementation of policies and continuously conducting some attempts and explorations.

For example, to give full play to digitalization, launch a series of campus security series including emergency security, psychological security and network security, and preliminary planning to continue to enrich the curriculum system around disaster prevention and mitigation, minor protection laws, and professional enlightenment. "Later students provide richer learning content. At the same time, in response to the construction of these teaching content, persist in de -utilitarization and return to public welfare; persist in de -testing, return to quality; persist in removing anxiety, and return to rationalization. How to crack the unequal education resources in front of countries around the world is not only related to education itself, but also the long -term development of the country and society. Achieving the balanced education of high -quality resources is a systematic project that involves many interest groups. It involves many departments’ responsibilities. It must be improved by the system.

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