The foreign trade start is stable, showing the "warmth" of China’s economy

  Foreign trade is a barometer to observe the Chinese economy. The first quarterly report released by foreign trade showed that the first three months of my country’s foreign trade increased by more than 10%year -on -year, and it maintained a positive growth year -on -year in seven consecutive quarters.

  Among the "Six Stability", stabilizing foreign trade is an important task. Facing the severe and complex situation, this year’s "Government Work Report" takes "stability and improve quality" as the expected goal of import and export development, and clearly proposes "expanding high levels of opening up and promoting the smooth development of foreign trade and foreign capital."

Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, all localities and departments have focused on stable, quality, quality, promoting innovation, continuously released policy dividends, and continuously expand the space for foreign economic and trade cooperation. Read this first quarterly report: General trade import and export increased by%, accounting for%of my country’s total foreign trade import and export; the number of foreign trade enterprises with import and export performance increased by%year -on -year; private enterprises’ import and export increased by%, accounting for 48%; my country The growth and export of imports and exports along the “Belt and Road” is growing by%… This fully reflects the characteristics of strong toughness and potential for foreign trade in my country, and it still has a solid foundation for the stable growth of foreign trade.

  The hard -won foreign trade transcripts have strongly demonstrated the major achievements of my country in the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. Since the beginning of this year, a series of measures from the central government to the local area to solve the difficult point of the supply chain of the foreign trade industry chain, and help small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises prevent risks, reduce costs, and increase vitality.

In response to the actual difficulties of small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce cooperated with relevant departments to coordinate and move forward. For example, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on the use of service trade innovation and development guidance funds to support the development of new models and new models of trade", encourages localities to make good use of direct financing methods such as service trade funds, and promote cooperation in financial credit insurance institutions and service trade funds to carry out cooperation to carry out development Innovation in financial services to ease the financing problem of export -oriented SMEs. The stable opening of my country’s foreign trade has also supported the global epidemic prevention and control and the recovery of the world economic trade.

my country’s economic development and epidemic prevention and control have maintained a global leading position, and the production order is relatively stable. Especially in my country’s industrial industry system, the strong supporting capabilities have obvious advantages, and the foundation of foreign trade development is solid.

In the first quarter, my country ’s import and export of imports and exports to the top five trading partners in China increased by%,%,%, and%of imports and exports of imports and exports, respectively.

  Of course, it should also be seen that while my country’s foreign trade has achieved a stable start, it still faces many difficulties and pressures. From the demand side, the global new crown pneumonia’s epidemic is undulating, the world economic recovery power is insufficient, and the foreign demand market has great uncertainty. From the supply side, the supply chain bottleneck is difficult to relieve in the short term, and the supply of energy and raw materials is still tight. This requires the relevant departments to continue to anchor the target of safeguarding and stabilizing the quality. More importantly, in the face of the undercurrent of trade protectionism, we must unswervingly follow the path of open open development and promote the construction of an open world economy at a higher level to further improve the quality and efficiency of my country’s foreign trade development. , Strive to form a new advantage of international cooperation and competition. The Chinese economy is a large sea, not a small pond.

my country’s economic toughness and long -term good fundamentals have not changed, and the development trend of stable and quality of foreign trade has not changed.

Driven by high levels of openness, the national unified large market will accelerate the construction and focus on opening the "blocking point" and "card point". The domestic and international dual cycles will be more unblocked, and the road of high -quality development will become wider and wider. (Yang Fei, the author of China Economic Net).

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