Enjoy great health with climbing

"The four seasons do not wither youthful, and people are outstanding.

"The poem of the Ming Dynasty mentor Wang Yangming has exhausted the beauty of the south of the south. Lingshan Xiushui nurtured the healthy world speed climbing champion Zhong Qixin. The town is well -known throughout the country.

In recent years, Quannan County has thoroughly implemented the strategy of sports and national fitness, highlighting the characteristics of rock climbing, vigorously promoting the construction of rock climbing venues, hosting rock climbing events, cultivating and strengthening the healthy tourism industry, promoting more climbing enthusiasts, sharing the people of the people Great health. Every weekend in urban and rural areas, the outdoor rock climbing training base of China (Quannan) Rock Climbing Town will usher in a youth climbing team.

"Improve the quality of the overall strength, balance, and coordination, can you practice explosive power." On May 28, the coach Zhong Jiashun, coach of the Quannan Rock Climbing Team, guided the players to conduct daily training.

Relying on the celebrity effect of the world rock climbing champion Zhong Qixin, Quannan County vigorously builds a rock climbing base, builds rock climbing theme stadium facilities, and vigorously promote the fitness exercise of the whole people.

In 2020, the investment of 1.6 billion yuan in high standards was built in China (Quannan) Rock Climbing Town to create the first professional climbing training, climbing competition, and rock climbing tourism in the province. Important punching place for climbing tourism in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.

The 860 acres of rock climbing town, with standardized outdoor rock climbing venues and various difficult indoor climbing experience walls. There are 4 standard speed tracks. Facilities cover more than 60 formats such as water sports, outdoor expansion, and agricultural picking.

Rock climbing moves into the campus to cultivate and incubate seedlings. The county also builds rock climbing competitions and training bases in Quannan Middle School, Quannan No. 2 Middle School, Quannan Yanyuan Experimental Middle School, etc., selected 3 professional coaches, and formed a county -level youth climbing team with more than 160 players. Carry out rock climbing class and training activities; and formulate school rock climbing venue construction planning. It is estimated that by 2023, the county can achieve full coverage of 29 primary and secondary school climbing venues. Highlight the characteristics of rock climbing and meet diverse needs. Focusing on the 15 -minute fitness circle of building a urban community, the county has built a group of high -standard, popular sports infrastructure, and invested 55 million yuan to build a basketball hall, swimming pool, track and field field, and football field. ; Jianjian Ruohu Park, Jianghe Rural Development Center, County Sports Center, Meizishan Park, Binjiang Park, Centennial Plaza, Hebian Street Park, etc., including 30 kilometers of fitness trails in urban areas; Six, 86 administrative village sports facilities are all overwritten, which is convenient for the masses to exercise at home.

At present, the county has a total of 10,000 square meters of stadium, and the per capita stadium area is square meters. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "Compulsory Education Sports and Health Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)" for the city’s color. Education, emerging sports sports such as climbing and mountaineering appeared in the content of sports skills courses.

"The climbing campaign not only entered the school, but also entered the classroom, giving me more professional growth opportunities.

"Zeng Yin, a member of the county’s climbing team, won the first place in the Speed ??Bye Speed ??Race of the Women’s A Group in the province’s youth climbing championship last year.

The rock climbing is known as "ballet on the rock wall". It is a sports that integrates adventure, competition, fitness, entertainment, and viewing. It has become an "new favorite" of emerging sports projects in the county.

High -standard rock climbing venues provide a stage for sports athletes.

Since 2020, two consecutive Ganzhou Youth Rock Climbing Championships have been held in the South. The national, provincial, and city youth climbing competitions and rock climbing training, rock climbing training, and rock -climbing summer and winter camps are held in the South. In January 2022, Quannan High Quality hosted the Jiangxi Youth Rock Climbing Championship, and the county’s rock climbing team won the first place in the total score of the group.

Due to the achievements in many competitions, the whole south was named "Ganzhou Youth Rock Climbing Reserve Talent Training Base" and won the right to undertake the three consecutive provincial youth championships from 2021 to 2023.

A number of worlds and national champions such as Zhong Qixin and Pan Xuhua have emerged. Today, climbing events have become a new business card for Quannan. The county has hosted high -standard large -scale events such as the National Paper Airplane Contest, the province’s goalkeeper competition, the off -road vehicle invitation competition, and the city’s youth climbing championship. The General Administration was rated as an advanced unit of mass sports in 2017-2020. With the climax of the event, the small county set off sports fever. In order to promote national fitness, the county has vigorously launched sports events and actively organized sports activities such as rock climbing experience, national fun garden, summer basketball league, square dance contest, etc. The county often participated in more than 70,000 people.

In the context of vigorously advocating national fitness, outdoor sports have also become the "second consumption choice" of many scenic spots. The natural environment is beautiful, and "health+tourism" is applauding and selling seats.

Focusing on the "Quannan Rock Climbing" special sports brand competitions, the rock climbing experience, rock climbing events, and rock climbing tourism are made into a new business card in the south, showing the new image of the whole south.

Quannan vigorously promoted "rock climbing+sports", forming a new format that promoted brigades, brigades, and cultural and sports brigades, and cultivated the characteristic tourism industry.

Based on the new model of "Health+Tourism" to accurately locate the masses’ needs for health, the globalized construction of Kangyang tourism products, the whole south integrates resources to develop sports health theme boutique lines, combined with the scenic spots such as climbing town, Yaxi Ancient Village, Tianlongshan Scenic Area and other scenic spots The rural tourist spots such as Shaba Chai Shennong Cultural Park, Pudou Gaoche Rural Park, Nanxun Gujiaying Village planned "Healthy Tour" boutique routes, attracting more and more tourists to support the body and mind in natural beauty and human landscapes. In the town of rock climbing in the south, you can stretch your fist on the indoor climbing wall to challenge yourself; in the millennium Yaxi Ancient Village, it is like shuttle poetry and painting. Build a strong tourist county, build tourism products, enrich the tourism format, and comprehensively improve the facilities of tourism elements and shape the image of tourism. Focusing on building the tourist destinations of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, the county creates the "Observation" all south with green landscape and rural scenery, and the "food and care" relying on selenium -enriching and organic agricultural products. The theme hotel and rural homestays are the "residence" all south. Build a big Kang -custody pattern that combines observation, food care, residence, recuperation, nourishment, and dynamic care, and comprehensively sing the tourism brand of "beautiful and beautiful paintings".

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