Grasp the initiative to win the future -representative members talk about implementation of new development concepts

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 10th: Grasp the initiative to win the future -representative members talk about implementing the new development concept of Xinhua News Agency, "implementing the new development concept is the only way for the development and growth of my country in the new era."

  The representative members of the National Two Council stated in the review and discussion that economic development faced the pressure of shrinking, supply impact, and weakening of demand, and must continue to be complete, accurately, and comprehensively implementing the new development concept. , To overcome difficulties, build a new development pattern, and promote high -quality development. Leading of concept: The development pattern has profoundly changed the two equipment. On the left is the magnetic suspension fan of the first prize of the provincial technology invention.

Replace the right side to the right, saving more than 30%. The new and old kinetic energy switching is clearly understood in the exhibition hall of Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in Weifang, Shandong.

  Shandong’s industrial structure is heavy, and innovation was a shortcoming here -the total number of high -tech enterprises in Shandong in 2015 was less than 4,000, and by 2021, it exceeded 20,000.

  "The idea of ??ideas is new, bringing all -round changes. We promote the formation of new thinking, action, and working methods with new development concepts, and pursue the connotative growth of innovation -driven." Representative of Liu Xingyun, director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, said, Shandong said. In 2019, the provincial -level scientific and technological innovation and development funds were established, with 12 billion yuan that year, and this year has increased to 100 million yuan, all of which are used for major innovation tasks and projects. The concept is the guide of action. Thanks to the deep development of the new development concept, the development of the Chinese land is renewed: winning the battle against poverty as scheduled, and building a well -off society in an all -round way. The total economic volume exceeded 110 trillion yuan. A new step. "Adhere to the concept of green development, and by establishing and improving the natural resources asset property rights system, ecological compensation system, rivers and lake system, forest long system, etc., my country’s ecological civilization ‘four beams and eight pillars’ institutional systems have basically formed." Representative of the dean Wang Jinnan said. It is necessary to "steady the word" and "steady progress". Under the guidance of the new development concept, the pace of high -quality development of my country’s economy has become more firm.

  "China’s economy can be expected, and there is kinetic energy.

"Member Wang Yiming, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that under the leadership of the new development concept, innovation -driven, digital economy, and green transformation have become new engines for economic development. For example, new technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence are extensive in various fields. Infiltration, the emergence of the digital economy, has become an important force for the downward pressure of hedging economy.

  Ningxin Gathering: The new development concept always runs through one of them is the new "bit" of technology, and one side is the "Watt" with high energy consumption -how to crack the contradiction between the mismatch between data centers in data and energy? On the eve of the two conferences of the country, the "East Digital West Calculation" project was officially launched. "Computing power is new productive forces after heat and electricity. We will accelerate the development of computing power network innovation.

"China Mobile Chairman Yang Jie said that the" East Digital West Calculation "project not only injected new impetus into innovation -driven and digital transformation, but also promoted regional coordination and coordination and development results. The work report has a series of new deployment and new measures, and the new development concept has always run through it. Continue to stimulate the first driving force for innovation.

The report mentioned "Innovation" 34 times, and proposed deployment of "implementation of basic research ten years" and "implementation of the three -year reform plan for the reform of the science and technology system", which aroused attention.

  At the key node of the new and old kinetic energy conversion, innovation -driven played a key role.

  Chen Mingbo, deputy secretary -general of the Shanghai Municipal Government, said: "This year, Shanghai will play a strategic advantage, vigorously introduce first -class overseas leaders, deepen the innovation of scientific research systems, and strengthen international scientific and technological cooperation." "Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas", "enhance the balance of regional development balance", "promote coordinated development of the East, Central, West, and Northeast regions, and the deployment in the report aims to solve the problem of unbalanced development of multi -dimensional development.

  "The Yangtze River Delta and the Greater Bay Area should drive the economic development of surrounding areas by giving play to the advantages of large -scale market and consumption potential, promote the rise of the economy in the central region, and then promote the construction of a unified market in the country." Said Member Cheng Yongbo, president of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. Promote the formation of green general forms. The report sorted out the highlights of "the average concentration of fine particles in cities and above in the prefecture -level and above cities", "the first batch of national parks officially established" and other highlights. Accelerate the formation of green production and lifestyle. "

  "We must seize the opportunity to promote the ‘double carbon’, and get out of a new road of green development with both ecology and livelihood, greening and increasing income.

"Li Mei, from the National Green Economic Test Demonstration Zone, said.

The report proposes many measures such as "expanding high levels of opening up to the outside world" and "promoting high -standard free trade agreements with more countries and regions".

Dai Shihong, from China’s Import and Export Bank, believes that this indicates that my country will carry out more explorations in the construction of a higher -level open -level economic system and promote the "institutional openness".

  Persist in sharing this fundamental purpose.

The government work report emphasizes "adherence to the people -centered development ideas" and put forward a series of policy measures for "effectively guarantee and improve people’s livelihood".

  "Residents’ medical insurance and basic public health services per capita financial subsidy standards increased by 30 yuan and 5 yuan, respectively." The two numbers reported the two numbers have aroused widespread attention.

"Don’t underestimate 5 yuan. Increasing basic public health funding standards can play a leverage, which helps to leverage doctors’ enthusiasm and enhance the ability of grassroots disease prevention and disease.

Member Ling Feng, chief expert of neurosurgery of Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University, said.

  Really grasped hard work: Bi Li concentrated on writing a new chapter to comprehensively and judge the situation at home and abroad. This year, the risks facing my country’s development this year have increased significantly.

Representative members said that the more complicated the situation and the arduous tasks, the more they need to be under the guidance of the new development concept.

  With greater efforts and determination to promote the new development concept, Sun Zhengdong, the secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province, plans this year: "Compared with the surrounding cities, the foundation of Fuyang Industrial is thin, and the total economic amount is still prominent. The new development concept leads the transformation and upgrading, and the economy of "jumping from peaches to picking peaches’ and" full strength and acceleration "makes the economy stabilize and advances.

"We will strengthen investment in innovation. R & D expenditure is expected to increase from about 8 billion yuan last year to 15 billion yuan this year. "Member of the Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zeng Yuqun, the chairman of the Ningde Times, said that the data of 3.8 million new energy vehicles and ultra -200GWH batteries should be tapped to drive research and development to explore how to better cooperate with the national laboratory. Accurate and comprehensive implementation of new development concepts- "Green transformation is a process, not a matter of overnight.

"" To achieve the "dual carbon" goal, we must be based on national conditions, adhere to steady progress, gradually realize, cannot be separated from reality, eager to achieve achievement, engage in sports "carbon reduction ‘, step on the emergency brakes". It is proposed in the expected goal: the energy consumption strength target is overall to assess the assessment within the "14th Five -Year Plan" plan, and leave appropriate flexibility, and the new renewable energy and raw materials are not included in the total energy consumption control. "This is to ensure the stability of the economy’s stability. It can also effectively promote local energy conservation work. It is necessary to take into account development and emission reduction, current and long -term, to avoid restricting the normal energy use of enterprises due to the completion of the progress of energy consumption indicators. Xie De, a professor at the School of Resources and Environment of Southwest University, said. Adhere to the people’s supremacy, grasp the new development concept from the fundamental purpose, consolidate the power of development -seek happiness for the people and revival for the nation. soul".

  "This year, we all strive to stabilize employment and protect people’s livelihood, realize more than 1.2 million new employment, and increase the minimum standards of residents’ pensions to 187 yuan per month, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

Dai Yuanhu, director of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Province, said. An exploration and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone is fully opened in the land of the river.

On behalf of Sun Guowen, the secretary of the Party Branch of the 5th Village of Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, he established a small goal of "this year’s village collective income exceeded 8 million yuan and the per capita income of villagers per capita in villagers."

He said: "Everyone is a struggler of the new era. Happiness must be created by their own hands. Jiming Xiaosheng is a big victory, and the country can move towards the big goal of common prosperity.

"(Reporter Xiong Zhengyan, Jiang Lin, He Xinrong, Ji Zhepeng, Yang Yuhua, Wang Yang, Tang Tao).

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