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陆浩成不知道黎庭渊是怎么找到这些人的,但这些人应该都有一个共同点。 爱钱,又肯为了钱什么事情都愿意做的人。 蓝欣有同感,过了这么多年,有的同学早已经记不清了。 乔依依是因为在她记忆里深刻,她才会记得。 其他的人交集不深,见到了也认不出来。 “Ah Cheng,认不出来也不要紧,这些人,总会一个个的出现在我们面前的你。” 陆浩成微微颔首,发现黎庭渊安排人手挺有规律的,白熙薇后边是喻甜馨,现在到了喻甜馨这里,喻甜馨后边是李静茹。 陆浩成指着李静茹的名字说:“蓝蓝 ,如果按照名单上的顺序,黎庭渊下一个指派的人应该是李静茹。” 蓝欣问:“认识吗?” 陆浩成微微摇头:“我不认识,大学的时候我已经开始创业,很少去学校,即使熟悉,也是苏景明和沐子珩比较熟悉,他经常和同系的同学玩得很不错。 ” 蓝欣看着他,凤目微冷,“看这些名字都是女生的,所以,These women are people who are interesting to you.。” Lu Haocheng looked at her,Fortunately,&hellip

Unknowingly walked hundreds of miles,The scope of this piano city is very large,The houses on both sides of the street are mostly two stories、Three-tier,There are residents and shops,There are even places where men eat, drink and have fun,There are also places for female fairies to have fun,Where the female fairies consume,Man is a plaything,Where men consume,The female fairy is the plaything,Such places are very common,As long as you have money you can buy fun, useful and weird things,Looking at all corners of the world,The principle that rich is the uncle applies everywhere。

When passing by a health shop,Lei Tianzi walked in and took a look,The cows and finches here are all in the feeding period,Even a three-year-old&hellip

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